Lamb Of God & Children Of Bodom Cancel Tilburg Show Citing Recent Terrorist Attacks


Lamb Of God and Children Of Bodom cancelled their performance at the 013 in Tilburg, NET tonight, November 18th, citing concerns over the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, France, which in particular saw over 80 concertgoers massacred at the Eagles Of Death Metal‘s show at Le Bataclan. 013 released the following statement on the cancellation (which is hastily translated from Dutch):

“Best visitors of lamb of God and children of bodom, unfortunately, the show of lamb of God and children of bodom tonight in 013 cancelled.

By the attacks in Paris who also took place in a club is the pressure and stress at this bands that play in Europe very big. Combined with the threat of terrorist attacks in Germany yesterday both bands feel too much pressure for tonight the performance to offer to the public of who she is used to. This has they do decide to cancel the show. It is unknown whether the band at a later time to come back to 013. For more info about the return of your tickets you can contact ticketmaster.

Unfortunately we need to cancel tonight’s show. Because of the attacks on Paris last Friday that also took place in a music venue a lot of stress is caused for bands playing in Europe. Combined with the terrorist threat that took place in Hannover Germany last night the bands are feeling to big a pressure to give the performance the audience is used from them and have decided to cancel their shows tonight. As of now it is unknown if the bands will return for a replacement show later on.”

As there isn’t any apparent immediate terrorist threat in Tilburg, the cancellation has pissed off more than a few fans.