Vilified Pharmaceutical CEO Involved In Thursday Frontman’s Collect Records, Nothing Are ‘Revulsed’ (Updated)


Update – September 22nd 2:02pm:

Noisey now have interviews up with Geoff Rickly and Nothing‘s Domenic Palermo. When asked of how he initially met Shkreli, Rickly recalled:

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Martin contacted me on Twitter and bought my guitar, the one that I wrote most of Full Collapse on. As a musician, steady income is hard to come by, so sometimes you do things to make ends meet. When I met him, he was charming, he was goofy and he was a fan of Thursday. It’s hard for me to come to grips with all of this because this was my first impression.”

When asked of how he became involved:

“He sort of asked me if I was able to scale up and “do it right,” would I be interested in growing the label. My thoughts were that if I could do it my way, at my pace, and with bands that I believed in, I would definitely be interested. This was the start of our relationship, and he chose to be a silent partner in Collect going forward. He has never asked to see the bottom line and there has never been any check and balance with him. His only goal was to further my vision.”

When asked of the labels future with Shkreli, he responded:

“My head is still spinning, and though I want to believe that there is some reason that he would do this that is some remotely positive way, the only thing I can see is that it is totally and completely heartbreaking.

I can’t see my future at all in the label. I have to see what the bands want first, and see if there is any meaning or any mission following all of this. More than anything, I want the bands to see that I hold art as the guiding force in my life. Ultimately I see this going in the same way it always does, where all the artists get blamed for everything and capitalism is never held accountable.

I really think that if Collect is going to be scrutinized as being capitalism, but that is how music survives. I’m not making excuses for what has happened, but there is no corner of the music industry that doesn’t live and breathe from subsidies from business. It’s reductive and hypocritical to hold us and only us accountable though, we are all at fault in some greater way.”

While he seemed unsure in the initial stages, Nothing‘s Palermo now seems resolved on his bands course of action however and stated of Nothing‘s future with the label:

Nothing will never be a part of a label that involves Martin.”

There’s more to be read from both over at Noisey.

Original Story:

Martin Shkreli, CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals, has been all over the media recently after the pharmaceutical company he founded, Turing Pharmaceuticals AG, purchased the rights to a 62-year-old drug, Daraprim, and summarily raised the price of it from $13.50 to $750. His belligerent responses via social media and more haven’t exactly helped his cause either.

As it turns out, Shkreli is a friend of Thursday frontman Geoff Rickly and has also been helping bankroll Rickly‘s Collect Records, which launched last summer. Acts signed to that label include No Devotion (who feature Rickly and ex-members of Lostprophets,) Sick Feeling and, among others, Nothing. Domenic Palermo, founder of the latter outfit, has taken to the internet to speak of his own self-described revulsion to unknowingly being involved with Shkreli:

“Last night I read an article about this guy who was hiking up prices on some pharmaceutics that were leaving people on their death beds empty handed due to the cost. Not soon after that found out that this guy is backing the label I’m about to release a record on.

I scoured the internet all night and early morning to try and see both sides before I made an opinion on the matter as I know how one sided people can be when there is a public lynching. But by 6 am today I literally just felt disgusted by everything and this seems to be in fact, the work of a soulless man.

I was approached by Geoff Rickley about a year ago now, about how he was starting a label. He said he really believed in Nothing and the music we were creating. We were told of a backer who was an old Thursday fan that wanted to give back to the music and arts, but literally didn’t even know his name until last night. After Geoff told me his plans I really believed in him. He’s a great guy and he like me had, no idea what kind of monster was funding the label and soon to be album. And like he has helped me with my problems the past few months, I plan on helping him in anyway I can as well through this all.

I’m not sure what the next step is here for us as were contractually attached to this person, but I had to share my revulsion with you all as the future is not quite foreseeable.


The revelation of Shkreli‘s involvement has sparked a lot of discussion, including some thoughts from Pelican guitarist Trevor de Brauw, who offered via Twitter:

“ppl pissed about a pharma-scumbag being a silent backer in a punk label need to take 2nd look at how much corporate $ is in our scene. we are all guilty, there are no clean hands at this table. everyone has a right to be mad at mr. moneybags; he’s, by all accounts, scum but follow that money trail and we all have ties to things that would make our collective skin crawl if we took time to reflect so save your outrage for the ones with the deep pockets and not to ones who dipping in those pockets to make great things happen or, as Crass once said, “fight power not people”

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