Huntress Frontwoman Jill Janus Reveals She Tried To Commit Suicide This Past Spring


Earlier in the year Huntress frontwoman Jill Janus went public on her struggles with schizophrenia, and more recently, uterine cancer. In the same interview with Revolver, Janus also revealed that she tried to commit suicide this past April. She said of that:

“I’ve attempted suicide several times, most recently in April. There were two attempts when I was a teenager. Thankfully, I’m pretty bad at killing myself. The first time, I tried to stab myself with scissors. And then I tried to weigh myself down and drown myself in a pond. I jumped out of moving cars a few times while my mom was driving, but I’m not sure if I was trying to kill myself then.”

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Thankfully, Janus has since shown progress  and is in better mental health with her new medication. In the interview, she also went into her past as a topless DJ, ‘Penelope Tuesday‘:

“This started when I was still at music school. I started out as a go-go dancer at the Limelight to make money. I was dating DJs, so I’d steal their records and learned how to deejay out of financial desperation. Then I thought, ‘Let’s get a gimmick.’ That’s when the whole topless DJ thing came into play. I was encouraged by my gay friends. I think my first topless gig was at a gay club called The Cock on Avenue A [laughs] and they loved it. That’s where Penelope started to take hole. As I nourished that personality, she completed took hold. There were things I did that I can’t remember. For example, I don’t remember getting breast implants.”

She further continued:

“I was 23. And coming out of that manic state maybe two weeks later, I completely lost it and started crying. I remember looking at my breasts and realizing that I went and had surgery without Jill being cognizant of it. My family was aware and got very worried. At that point, they brought me home and I spent a month in a psych ward on a 5150 hold in upstate New York. But then I ran away back to Manhattan and started doing it all over again. That was devastating. Thank goodness I wasn’t doing drugs or drinking.”

Janus credits her boyfriend/bandmate Blake Meahl for helping her get healthy, offering:

“I actually booked Blake‘s old band, Professor, to open for Holy Grail at this weekly rock night I did in Hollywood. I saw him across the room and said, “That’s mine” [laughs]. We hooked up, he became my boyfriend and we moved in together after one month. We’ve been together ever since. But I’ve been weird about revealing my relationship with him for various reasons. I wanted to protect it. After six years of being together, I’m revealing it now because I want to honor him and I want to honor our relationship. Thanks to Blake, I’ve been able to find the support that I need. He’s really my savior. Without him, I don’t know if I’d be alive right now.”

The full interview is running in the current issue of Revolver. Huntress are currently off the road to allow time for Janus to recover from her hysterectomy and will release their new album “Static” on September 25th.

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