Team Sleep (Deftones, Etc.) Have Twenty New Songs in The Works, Clarify New EP Plans


Team Sleep guitarist Todd Wilkinson was asked by Loudwire about the bands future musical plans. He had the following to say at the time of their progress:

“So, we have a ton of songs that are in progress, more than 20. That’s no guarantee that we’re going to put out 20 songs, but we’ve nailed it down to five. I’m working on this today with Chuck in the next few days, then next week we’re going up to Oregon where Chino lives and we’re going to work on some stuff up there. We’ll continue to work on it over the next several months and we hope to have something out around the end of the year, beginning of next year.

[We’re looking at] a five-song EP of all new stuff with vocals and we’re kind of looking at two different tracks. We’ve got that five-song EP lined up, we’ve got songs not entirely picked out but a pool of songs picked out for the next EP of about five or so songs of studio material, with vocals. In the meantime, on a lower level, we’re working on getting management and a label set up to where we can put out studio stuff like that but also put out more left field instrumental, off the wall stuff.

We have a ton of instrumental stuff we want to put out as well. There’s a lot of music were going to be putting out over the next, we’re all looking in terms of the next two years. More EPs, more studio EPs with Team Sleep as a whole with vocals and then several more instrumental or maybe different vocalists EPs with just more left field shit.”

In regards to touring, he offered:

“We definitely plan on it, but it’s gonna be hard. We talked about some things. I was with Gil and Chuck yesterday and we’re talking about dates. Hopefully by the end of the year and then into next year. I think that’s one of our strengths now, our ability to play live and just do it well with the setup that we have. We definitely want to show that side as much as we can.

We’re not going to be able to do a lot of extended touring, but we know that it’s a big — just serendipitously, it’s a big asset that we have. Fuck, it feels so good, the response has been good for us playing live and it’s a real good mix of talented dudes like Gil and Chuck who can just go off and just melodic, accessible stuff from the rest of us. I think it hits in the right spots.”

A few weeks back the band released a new live in the studio album titled “Woodstock Sessions Vol. 4“.