Funeral For A Friend Announce The Departure Of Drummer Pat Lundy


Funeral For A Friend have confirmed the departure of drummer Pat Lundy from their ranks:

“Dear people of the interweb and beyond…

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So, a whole bunch of you have been asking about Pat and we’ve obviously avoided making a big song and dance about it simply because there’s nothing really for us to make a big song and dance about. While we were making ‘Chapter and VersePat informed us of his plans going forward and his desire to play drums for Modestep. This didn’t come as a complete shock to us as we’re a bit too long in the tooth and Pat being the incredibly talented drummer that he is was bound to want to further his career beyond FFAF.

There was no arguing or crazy name calling it was accepted and we moved on. We love Pat and we’re super happy for him. Our compadre Casey McHale of Goodtime Boys will be taking care of the the drum stool for the time being but to be completely honest we’re not actively looking for another member to join our ‘ranks’ or to fill the space etc. We’re happy where we are. We’ve just made an amazing record and to us it’s always been about having fun, keeping it simple and stress free as possible. So there you go, the final word on the subject.

I hope that answers your questions. See you at the shows.



A new album from the band titled “Chapter And Verse” is heading towards a January 19th release.

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