Black Veil Brides’ Andy Biersack Says The Tone Of New Album Will Be “Heavier And Darker”


Black Veil Brides frontman Andy Biersack has told Rocksound that their new album which they are recording with producer Bob Rock (Metallica, The Offspring) will be heavier and darker in tone. He said of that:

“More than anything, even before we found out that Bob was interested in doing it, we wanted to make a return to the darker, heavier material – in tone at least. We touched on that with the first record, but weren’t as mature songwriters back then; I don’t think we’ve ever truly executed the sound we’ve wanted to have as a band.

We’ve always evolved, and I’ve always been excited about everything we’ve done, but this was something all of us have wanted to do. If we’d have been as good songwriters five years ago, the record we would have made then would have sounded a lot like this new one. That was an exciting notion, going back to the things we talked about when starting the band together. It’s a return to the things we really love. Bob was a great fit for that.

So many of the records that influenced us or that we loved growing up were produced by him. It was something we’d been talking about for the last year, and when we found out Bob was interested, it was a nice coincidence.”

He further added:

“…I don’t want to discount ‘Wretched And Divine’ in any respect. I feel very proud of that, but it was a very theatrical record. It was glittery, in a lot of ways (laughs). I love that we’ve made that kind of album in our career, but this time we wanted to make something straightforward.”

The band have an October 28th release date set for that new album thus far with this tour booked in support of it.