Vinyl Pressing Of Candiria’s “The Invaders” Delayed, B-Side Up For Streaming


The vinyl edition of Candiria‘s “The Invaders” EP has been met with a delay. Originally due out this past Tuesday, April 29th, the format will now ship in around a week or two due to a manufacturing issue. The band themselves had the following to say of that:

“Hey fans and friends, we have some bum out news. Giant MKT delivered the news to us that the manufacturing plant made some type of error or there was some type of mix up which will unfortunately set the ship date for the Invaders 7 Inch back about one week or so. We are extremely bummed!! So frustrating!! Guys and gals, fans, friends, please sit tight. It won’t be much longer.”

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Until then you could stream the title track here and the b-side “There’s Good News For Daniel Carter” done by Candiria side project Bilingual Gladiators Of Democracy below:

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