Ronnie Radke: “Singer Hires Someone To Kill His Wife No One Gives A Fuck. I Throw A Micstand Into The Crowd, Decline Of Civilization.”


Falling In Reverse singer (and aspiring rapper) Ronnie Radke has certainly been on the receiving end of a lot of negativity for his actions over the past few years. If the below comment he made about As I Lay Dying, etc. frontman Tim Lambesis is any indication; it would appear he doesn’t think it’s all entirely warranted. Referencing his own mic stand throwing incident and Tim Lambesismurder-for-hire case, he tweeted:

“Singer hires someone to kill his wife no one gives a fuck. I throw a micstand into the crowd, decline of civilization. Hahahaha”

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“In a sick way I guess I’m thankful”

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