Issues Comment (Somewhat) On Nu Metal Accusations


Issues—who feature ex-Woe, Is Me vocalist Tyler Carterhave been under fire from the metal blogosphere lately with many sites bemoaning the nu metal nature of the groups music. A particularly scathing commentary was recently published over at Noisey regarding their sound and in particular their music video for their song “Stingray Affliction” (see below).

The band themselves don’t exactly agree with the assertion and responded via their Twitter:

“first of all that’s not where we got the name and we have #9 album not single, and I’m not even gonna read any further. Idiot. Press is press I guess. This guy has no facts and probably is some mainstream critic who hasn’t even heard our whole album. God bless him.”

Issues are currently enjoying an impressive wave of success with their self-titled debut album selling 22,000 copies since its release last week; with the band landing at #9 on the Billboard 200 charts.