Six Feet Under’s Chris Barnes’ IHATE Project Extends Crowdfunding Campaign After Missing Initial Goal


Six Feet Under frontman Chris BarnesIHATE side project fell short of its intended crowdfunding goal and as such Barnes has decided to extend the campaign. He said of that:

“Well…unfortunately after about a month or so of campaigning to raise enough funds to make our debut album, it looks as though our campaign is going to fall short and won’t meet its goal. Instead of just shelving the project and not releasing it, were going to extend the campaign through the holidays until the end of January because we feel so strongly that this material and songwriting needs to be heard.

We know that you guys will really appreciate the sheer intensity and brutal nature of our music. I feel that this album is just a strong of an album, but in a different way musically,as the Torture Killer Swarm! album that I was involved with back in 05-06. Just imagine if that album was never released…

We really want to give everybody a chance to make a pledge and show their support for IHATE.
In the meantime we will be posting some studio videos next week as well as a demo track.

We hope this extension will give you guys a chance to make a pledge and show us that the death metal underground wants this album released. Please help us make this album a reality and make a pledge – #BeTheMachete”

You can check out the campaign over at

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