Five Finger Death Punch Release New Single “Battle Born”, Detail Vol. 2 Of “The Wrong Side Of Heaven…”


The track listing and cover art has been unveiled (see below) for Five Finger Death Punch‘s coming second volume of their “The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell” double album. The group will release the effort on November 19th through Prospect Park with the track “Battle Born” serving as the first single.

An instant download (or purchase) of that song is currently available to those who pre-order the album. Band frontman Ivan Moody said of “Battle Born“:

“After getting off the road from two years of touring I was physically and emotionally drained. It felt like I’d seen almost every inch of the globe and shook every hand there was to shake. I completely lost track of time, the flights, the travel, the shows all seemed to blur together. My family and friends became a distant memory.

Even though I was doing what I’d dreamed of doing, it took all the energy that I had…it was exhausting. That made me realize, everything worth fighting for you will actually HAVE TO fight for. Every wish, every dream, every idea comes to existence only through blood, sweat and sacrifice…we are all battle born.”

The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell” (Deluxe Edition) track listing:

01 – “Here To Die
02 – “Weight Beneath My Sin
03 – “Wrecking Ball
04 – “Battle Born
05 – “Cradle To The Grave
06 – “Matter Of Time
07 – “The Agony Of Regret
08 – “Cold
09 – “Let This Go
10 – “My Heart Lied
11 – “A Day In My Life
12 – “House Of The Rising Sun

Live from Death Punch Production Studio (Thousand Palms, CA 2012):

01 – “Intro
02 – “Under And Over It
03 – “Burn It Down
04 – “American Capitalist
05 – “Hard To See
06 – “Coming Down
07 – “Bad Company” (Bad Company cover)
08 – “White Knuckles
09 – “Drum Solo
10 – “Far From Home
11 – “Never Enough
12 – “War Is The Answer
13 – “Remember Everything
14 – “No One Gets Left Behind
15 – “The Bleeding

Five Finger Death Punch - The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell Vol. 2