Dealey Plaza Added To Six Feet Under, Decrepit Birth & Cannabis Corpse Tour


There was room for one more on the coming ‘Hell On July Tour‘. Dealey Plaza have landed the opening slot on the trek, which features Six Feet Under, Decrepit Birth and Cannabis Corpse. Dealey Plaza share a close connection with Six Feet Under frontman Chris Barnes as their drummer Ryley Dipaola is his nephew.

Barnes said of their involvement in the tour:

“On a side note, I’m super excited to have the opening band Dealey Plaza join us. They are a really killer new band and put a on a ferocious live show. Drumming for Dealey Plaza is my nephew, Ryley Dipaola. He beats the shit out of the drums, and it makes me really, really proud to have my nephew on the road with me! I’m more proud than I can say about that, so I hope everyone will come out to the shows and support all these great musicians and great bands that are on tour with us this summer for Hell in July! And we will see everyone else real soon!! Lots more tour dates to be announced in the coming months, so stay sick and twisted!”