Phil Anselmo’s Solo Album To Arrive This Summer


Metal legend Phil Anselmo recently told that his highly-anticipated solo effort (with his backing band The Illegals) won’t arrive till the summer. The following exchange took place in regards to that:

“Family, Friends, and Associates” and “Conflict” from the War of the Gargantuas split simply slay. They’re truly intense, but they still showcase another evolution for you.

I appreciate the kind words man. I really do. I think those songs are still a far cry from the full-length that will be coming out this upcoming summer though. To me, they’re more in line with the straight ahead songs I’ve come up with. Be prepared for a different listen when you hear the upcoming full-length.

I wanted to do something different with a lot of fucking energy that would, I guess, come off as faster or more energetic than your basic fast playing at a million miles an hour with blast beats. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. It’s just been overdone so many times

In my mind, there are ways to rhythmically capture a lot of energy without having to resort to the common way or speed-for-the-sake-of-speed feel. If you look at the basic drum beat on “Conflict”, it’s not a blast beat. It’s a big syncopation of kick drums and toms.

It creates a massive energy with the double-picking guitar. It’s a first taste people can wrap their heads around. Be forewarned when the full-length comes out though.

Lyrically, “Family, Friends, and Associates” and “Conflict” throw a real gut punch. Is this a little more direct than the Down material which is more visual, hypnotic, and ethereal?

I would agree with you one-hundred percent. With the Down lyrics, the listeners can take them and interpret them in their own ways. With the solo shit, I’m being very direct. There isn’t any wordplay. There isn’t any hidden message. It’s all right there in front of you. There it is.

As previously reported, two new songs intended for the effort will be released tomorrow, January 08th, as part of his “War Of The Gargantuas” split with Warbeast.