Trevor Dunn On Green Day Singer: “That Guy’s Main Problem Is That He Doesn’t Realize That He Is Justin Bieber”


Trevor Dunn (ex-Mr. Bungle) had some sharp words for Green Day‘s Bille Joe Armstrong regarding his recent onstage meltdown that landed him in rehab. Currently out on the road as a member of the Melvins Lite, Dunn logged the following missive in the bands ongoing tour diary from their record attempting trek:

“…We spent less than six hours in Indianapolis. I didn’t see shit. Indianapolis is one of those towns I’ve been to several times and could tell you absolutely nothing about it. There are hundreds of cities like that floating around the detritus of my brain. They are cities full of opportunity and stimulation but all I can recall is a black box room reeking of the previous night’s beer and dry ice fog. There isn’t really time, especially on a whirlwind tour like this, to go exploring.

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But to limit oneself to such colorless surroundings is to go mad and there’s nothing worse then some rock’n’roll brat throwing a tantrum and going AWOL just because he can’t keep himself occupied. Yes, I’m referring to that little weasel in Green Day. That guy’s main problem is that he doesn’t realize that he is Justin Bieber. He should take some of the green in his wallet, buy himself a green smoothie and relax. What kind of band name is Green Day anyway? Is that in reference to all the chord progressions they continually recycle? But I digress….”

You can watch Dunn abuse his upright bass during a recent Denver, CO stop earlier this month with the Melvins Lite below. The multi-camera footage appears courtesy of

Let Me Roll It“:

Electric Flower

A Growing Disgust“:

Leon Vs. The Revolution“:

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