The Faceless’ Michael Keene On Green Day Meltdown: “Billy Joe Isn’t A Hero For That Childish Display”


The Faceless vocalist/guitarist Michael Keene has taken issue with Green Day frontman Bille Joe Armstrong‘s below onstage meltdown (a move which has since sent Armstrong to rehab) regarding an abbreviated set time at the “iHeartRadio Festival” in Las Vegas, NV this weekend.

Speaking through his Twitter, Keene stated:

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“Billy Joe isn’t a hero for that childish display. He’s a spoiled, rich, rock star w/ a bruised ego who’s lost sight of how lucky he is. For a guy who’s made millions off of a guitar repetoire that doesn’t extend beyond power chords, you’d think he’d be a little more gracious.”

He later shared some more thoughts on the matter in conversations with various users on his Twitter, which you can find at the above-mentioned link.