Meshuggah To Release New Album In Early 2012


Meshuggah guitarist Marten Hagstrom revealed in a recent interview with that the band are eyeing a tentative March 2012 release date for their next album. Speaking on that Hagstrom offered:

“Right now we are doing these summer festivals, about 12 or something and then we’ll probably try to finish up an album. The next album is coming along and we’re looking to finish it in the fall or winter and Nuclear Blast plans to release it in March, as that’s the schedule.”

When asked how far along the band are with the effort, he replied:

“We could have been far by now if we really wanted to, but the rehearsing is taking a lot away from the writing process. What happens now is that we’re still writing. We put down like one song with drum tracks and everything. We’re doing it a bit differently now. Normally we are finishing off all the songs, get them together and record them. Now we are writing songs and whatever song gets finished first we record that one. So it could be spread out a little bit.

That’s why we only have one song recorded so far. When we get back from Italy, on Monday, we’re gonna record a second song and then hopefully a week after we’re gonna do a third song. We’ve got like…well, it’s too early to tell cause we might just change things. Right now we got a lot of material. So it’s a matter of getting it together, arranging it. It is a good plan, hopefully.”