Unearth Tap This Is Hell Drummer For Albuquerque, NM Show, Justin Foley To Return Today


Unearth enlisted the drumming services of Mike Sciulara of This Is Hell for their “Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival” performance in Albuquerque, NM yesterday (July 16th.) Their current fill-in drummer, Justin Foley of Killswitch Engage, missed the show reportedly due to food poisoning. He will return to the stage with the band today, July 17th, In Denver, CO.

Speaking on that Unearth offered the following:

“Big thanks to Mike from This is Hell for filling in for Justin today on drums. J-fo is recovering and should be good to go tomorrow in Denver. Wild day here at the Mayhem Fest. Thanks to all the fans for understanding and rocking out with us.”