Live Footage Of Deftones Performing New Song Available


Fan-filmed live footage of the Deftones performing their new track “Rocket Skates” in Portland, OR earlier this week has been made available online and can be seen below. The song is expected to appear on the bands next album, which they have wrapped up recording and now hope to have out early next year.

No word yet on what the band plan to do with their previously completed and subsequently shelved new album “Eros” however. In other news, Deftones bassist Chi Cheng continues to make progress with his recovery following a car crash last November that left him in a coma with a variety of other medical complications having cropped up in the time since.

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Cheng has since been moved out of the hospital and is now at home recovering under direct medical supervision, undergoing basic physical therapy and has begun to try to form words, while also responding to questions by blinking his eyes.

Given the nature of his medical bills, more donations are currently being sought for his ongoing care however, those interested in helping out can do so at For the time being, the band have recruited bassist Sergio Vega (ex-Quicksand) to fill in for him.