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Five Finger Death Punch Bassist Calls Out 30 Seconds To Mars For Their Meet And Greet Practices

Five Finger Death Punch bassist Chris Kael has called out 30 Seconds To Mars for their decision to wear medical gloves while doing meet and greets with their fans. He made the following post regarding that via his Instagram:

Five Finger Death Punch On 30 Seconds To Mars

“#30SecondsToMars at a meet and greet last week – WEARING RUBBER GLOVES! Nice message to send to your fans. #LivingInABubble #WeWillNeverBeThatBand #Dicks #PleaseSneezeOnThemIfYouGetTheChance”

Some bonus commentary from Hatebreed frontman Jamey Jasta on the matter can be found below:


  • TheMediaProphet

    Aww… Da big, bad metal bassist is mad that Jordan Catalano makes more money than him.

    • TheMediaProphet

      On a serious note, I read that they do that because the Sharpie’s on the posters they sign smudge all over their hands.

  • GordonLightfootLoverXEX

    I hope it comes out that 30STM are Howie Mandel level germophobes.

  • Aries Veil

    They say they do it because of Sharpies, But it’s really done because of Herpes.

    • Mastotronic

      i could see how stupid autocorrect might make that mistake.


    As much as I loathe Five Foot Penis Flap, I have to concur that donning rubber gloves while shaking the hands of over-eager 16 year old girls (the current 30STM fanbase) comes across as rather douchey. To add insult to injury, their last few albums have been so self-indulgent and self-involved that you get the sense that they view themselves as the next U2 or some shit.

    I tell you, Jared. I know Bono, and you are no Bono. Also, you’re too fucking blonde! Get the fuck off my porch!

    • satan rx

      in jared’s defense he and bono do have one thing in common. both of their bands suck!

    • TheMediaProphet

      As a hardcore Leto fan, I have been extremely unimpressed with their recent offerings. But the first two, especially the debut were great albums. I assume after The Kill was released, they were like, “Holy shit we can make a lot of money if we spin this right!”

      • BlueMoonRising

        agree. First album was GREAT. Second was good. Everything since then blah…. I don’t HATE the new single, but I don’t really like it either.

  • NoCareEver

    Pretty bold call out from a member of a band whose frontman used to wear full bodypaint and lipstick in Motograter.

    • 36aaronFists

      Derp1 I never realized that was him wow

  • JR

    Can’t say I blame them. One of the members of Slipknot once wore gloves to a signing, and at the end of the night the glove was completely black from all the hands he shook.

  • pour meshuggah on me

    I could care less about 30 Seconds to Mars and the only band I hate more than Five Finger Death Punch is Bon Jovi. That being said, I don’t think the gloves are a bad idea. That’s a lot of crotch-itching 16 year olds.

  • Stereotypical Evil Archer

    So these wannabe tough guys are intimidated by Jared Leto? I thought Jasta was a more respectable person than that. All those lyrics about overcoming the odds and self improvement and self respect; shit, Jasta is just a poser.

    • jrr

      What article did you read? Jasta was just making a joke about the whole ordeal.

    • emvath

      I actually thought Jasta’s comment was kind of funny. And depressing that Leto is banging thousands of babes and I get ol’ righty night after night.

  • AMeN

    Leto’s hand is probably insurance like JLO’s booty. Also this band can fucking suck cocks in hell.

  • schuler

    lulz this band.

  • Cyanidenailbomb

    That is why hand sanitizers exist.

  • adamonfire

    I think it’s pretty smart, even if they do use the Sharpie excuse. In college we stopped pouring the beer pong beer into the cups and instead filled them with water to avoid drinking out of the same cups as everyone else at a party. It’s not exactly the same, but I’ll take the slightly less authentic experience over getting meningitis.

  • Mastotronic

    i think 30stm are a joke and i’ve had a couple of personal experiences with leto that really make my dislike quite personal (shoulda punched him on more than one occasion, then y’all could have read about it here!) but until you’ve sat around and shook hands with dozens of random sweaty palmed folks at a show, reserve judgement. it’s not like we’re talking about the most hygienic folks on the planet. (but seriously, guys, man up and shake your fans hands)

  • whatisyourforte

    if i were meeting FFDP, i’d be the one wearing the gloves.

  • Cutch

    Really? All it takes it washing your hands afterwards!

    • Cutch

      All it takes *IS washing your hands.

  • iamnothing

    Fans do not want to shake a fucking rubber glove. They want to shake the hand of their music idol. No matter from what band.

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