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Deftones Working On New Career-Spanning Live Release

Deftones, etc. frontman Chino Moreno has revealed that the band are putting together a live vinyl release spanning their back catalogue. Moreno spoke of the bands plans on this past Thursday’s episode of the ‘Sixx Sense‘ radio show, stating:

“The last week and a half I’ve been having to go through all these tapes—we’re putting out a live vinyl set… for every record we’re going to put out like 4 or 5 songs from that time, that era. So I’ve been going through all these tapes from 96-96 and they’re hard to listen to… Like seriously, I really feel we’ve gotten better as a band and me as a vocalist.”

You can hear the interview in question below:


  • irreversiblemess

    one can only hope that the drunk chino-era isn’t overlooked entirely.

    • TheMediaProphet

      What about heroin Chino? That was a good era. Personally, I’m a fan of fat Chino. Damn good music.

      • AJP

        Heroin Chino? I like the prefer the pot-head Chino to the fat/coke-head Chino or the drunk Chino.

      • philippeletigre

        I think that’s when I caught them at the White Pony tour in DC back in 2000. God, he was wasted. I’m surprised he made it through the whole show. I was reluctant to ever see them again.

        Fortunately, they made it up and then some during the SNW and Diamond Eyes tours. When they played Needles and Pins back in 2010, Holy Shitballs!

        Looking forward to seeing them in Nashville next month. And this vinyl release!!!

  • cma3585

    Drunken Waldrock on vinyl…make it happen.


    Their Live EP (the one that pulls all of their ATF b-side material together) is hands down the worst piece of audio currently out there with the Deftones label. I would LOVE to replace it with a much more deserving live set.

  • glassJAw78

    Wasted at Waldrock is my absolute favorite live Deftones recording. Do you know why Chino wears his pants that way? Easy access baby, easy access.

  • southpawchew

    Sounds killer

  • MyDarkPassenger

    Sounds like a fucking amazing idea. As stale as Tool’s sets have gotten IMO, Ive always longed for something like this from them.

    Thr vinyl only thing is kinda BS (took the record player outta my dash ages ago) but someone will rip it to my satisfaction.

    • TheMediaProphet

      I wonder if they’ll offer a digital download? I can’t imagine the market for vinyl is large enough to produce an album strictly for this medium.

  • cma3585


  • Dyno

    Did any of these guys ever stop and think… say in 98-99 that we didn’t WANT or NEED them to change, and the sound, the band, the vocals were perfect just the way they were? No vocoders, no fancy layering or experimenting.


      I bet you still wear chokers, JNCOs and spike your hair. I bet you also think American Head Charge have artistic merit.

      Some of us appreciate evolution. Afterall, most of us have grown up with this band. Key word here being GROWN.

      • Dyno

        Actually no asshole, I’m a fucking grown up too. Pay my bills, I have a wife, have a decent job, got laid off durring the financial meltdowns, bounced back, own my own car and all that jazz. Never wore chokers or jnco’s but that’s cute, but you can’t sit here and say ever album they’ve dropped, pony, wrist, kai, etc have been as cohesive as atf. Do I love those albums? yeah, but it’s always half for the fans and half them working and overworking ideas and sounds.

        BTW AHC? really? Ive seen autistic kids in kindergarten with more artistic merit and understanding of rhythm than those genre posers.

      • TheMediaProphet

        I respect everyone’s opinions, but this is the worst comment I’ve ever read on this site. I always describe Deftones as the band who has mastered the art of evolving while holding on to their original sound.

        As far as chokers, I still wear them, just not outside of the bedroom anymore.

      • kturl69

        Your opening statement “Actually no asshole, I’m a fucking grown up too.” automatically proves your 16 years old.

      • MyDarkPassenger

        Agreed. If your appreciation for the deftones’ sound died with Around the Fur I feel sorry for you. I could see old fans getting lost a bit on s/t and SNW but please enlighten me… where THE FUCK does white pony lose you? And Diamond Eyes and Koi No Yokan are about as tightly packed as rock albums come. Jesus Christ man…

        OK I’m done.

      • proshmanly

        Hi there. I’m new to the PRP, and I’m going to probably disagree with a lot of statements that are made on here.

        Now that that’s out of the way – I’m 30, and I’ve been a Deftones fan since high school. I’ve seen them in concert twice, and they were phenomenal.

        I’ve also been an American Head Charge fan since their fantastic album, “The War of Art”. While nowhere near the quality of anything the Deftones have put out, “The War of Art” is, in its own right, a great album. I’ve also seen AHC twice – once just a year ago – and they were also phenomenal.

        I am all for a good metal debate, though, so as long as your argument against AHC doesn’t consist of “They’re gay!”, I’d be happy to hear why you think they have no artistic merit.

        I do agree with you, though, that it helps to have grown up with Deftones. I don’t really count Smashing Pumpkins or Metallica, so I can’t honestly think of another band that I listened to in high school that’s still going.

    • BloodyBoneKummer

      You clearly must have forgot that Frank Delgado was on Around the Fur.
      So your example of the definitive Deftones sound…was layered and had effects added to it..
      You fucked your whole argument brotha.

  • vahana


  • Daniels0719

    I enjoy each record for different reasons. I dig bands that expand their sound without losing what got them there in the first place. I think deftones have and will always write records that define them at that particular time. We all have opinions on which record is best and what record hits closest to your heart. That’s what so great about the band. We all argue and debate with such passion about deftones because they have 7 great records that deserve to be talked about.

    • cma3585

      If by “argue and debate” you mean thumbs down anyone who thinks ATF was their last actual great album, then yes…much arguing and debating going on. And no, not all of them were great. Self-titled was a putridly boring and in many ways pretentious album. Fat Chino was by far the worst Chino.

      • Daniels0719

        I love ATF and the heaviness that it is but I love what direction they took with white pony. Yes, the self-titled album did take a slight step backwards in their development however compared to the rest of their genre putting out albums that shit was a blessing. SNW is chill and I thought it was nice transition from the self-titled. Diamond Eyes was hella sick considering all the craziness they had to endure. Koi is flucking the tits! I love this record and I can’t wait to hear what’s next! They never let me down. This all is an opinion and I could care less if you agree or not. Lets just celebrate the music and wish loads of piss be poured upon Justin Beiber and all the other “yes” men in the music biz!

  • Surly

    Donks got it all taped on VHS.

  • snake

    “Like seriously, I really feel we’ve gotten better as a band and me as a vocalist.”
    Better as a vocalist? Clearly he hasn’t listened to the 2000 – 2013 tapes yet.