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The Faceless’ Michael Keene On Green Day Meltdown: “Billy Joe Isn’t A Hero For That Childish Display”

The Faceless vocalist/guitarist Michael Keene has taken issue with Green Day frontman Bille Joe Armstrong‘s below onstage meltdown (a move which has since sent Armstrong to rehab) regarding an abbreviated set time at the “iHeartRadio Festival” in Las Vegas, NV this weekend.

Speaking through his Twitter, Keene stated:

“Billy Joe isn’t a hero for that childish display. He’s a spoiled, rich, rock star w/ a bruised ego who’s lost sight of how lucky he is. For a guy who’s made millions off of a guitar repetoire that doesn’t extend beyond power chords, you’d think he’d be a little more gracious.”

He later shared some more thoughts on the matter in conversations with various users on his Twitter, which you can find at the above-mentioned link.


  • dmoe

    That queen is about as scary as a puppy’s tit.

    • dmoe

      Oh shit, he “barely” broke one of the hundreds of guitars he owns! So angsty. So Manly.

    • dmoe
      • ethos

        haha, brilliant.

  • dmoe
  • kturl69

    Haha you fucking idiot. Who the fuck is Michael Keene? Who the fuck is The Faceless? They aren’t shit. The dude is jealous of a successful musician who’s played in front of larger audiences then his shitty ass band could ever imagine. As far as being a spoiled, rich rock star goes, well no fucking shit. He’s been making music since Michael Keene was still in diapers. Now go play a show and pray to God you sell 5 t-shirts so your band can eat dinner. You un-succesful hack.

    • CockerDaniel

      As far as tech-death bands go, The Faceless is actually relatively huge. Plus bands like that aren’t exactly expecting to get tons of fans or money.

    • nickygoods

      judging by your obvious pride as a result of “miraculously” collecting 2 sevendust picks (which has got to be quite a triumph given the fact you had to beat out all other 6 people present at that show) you know quality bands so your opinion is heavily regarded here =)

      • b_kh405

        I’m trying to brainstorm ways to say how funny that was, but nothing in mind is doing it justice.
        Very funny!

      • adamonfire

        Sevendust is to never, ever be shit on. Ever.

      • kturl69

        Haha @nickygoods you are truly a damn fool. There’s no shit talking about Sevendust. Unless you’re just half retarted.


      how could you stand up for this little bitch, his make-up and his shitty band? get green day to play an autopsy and i’ll give them props. i dont care how big your band is. stop acting like fucking douchebags

  • ethos

    I listened to Dookie a ton shortly after it came out. This made my respect for Green Day slightly drop and my respect for Green Day nowadays almost nil. What a prick.

    • kturl69

      Why? Because he speaks the truth? Who was going on after Green Day, Usher? You’ve got to be fucking kidding me. He had every right to be angry about having their set cut short so that nigger could have more time to lip sync and dance. Fuck that.

      • ethos

        Keene seems equally as butthurt as Armstrong, I’ll agree. But it wasn’t really that he had a ‘rock star moment’, or whatever the fuck they call it, but it was the way he said it and the things he complained about. It just screamed ego and mid-life crisis.

        He’s pathetic now, and he’s never been all that great of a songwriter. Keene is right, he should remember how lucky he is.

      • Vautour

        Racist idiot.

      • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

        You’re just a bit upset he has abs and you have Nordic stars on your belly.
        He gets laid and your java man racist ass gets to choose between the 250lb ladies at your redneck tavern.

      • kturl69

        Why are u talking about his abs?

      • SpinSwimScream

        How could you even think for one second that you can loosely use that word and everyone will be okay with it. And who cares if you’re trying to make a point either. I mean, you come off racist and somehow your picture is Sevendust guitar picks. You’re a complete idiot.

        Also, I have to say something about it… You mentioned that Billy Joe was a successful musician. When I read that, I laughed uncontrollably. JUST BECAUSE YOU SELL THE FUCK OUT, DOES NOT MAKE YOU A SUCCESS. To people who actually play music, bands like Green Day are actually a joke. Now, I’m going to give you the ‘thumbs down.’

      • ethos

        Totally true. I wouldn’t have thumbsed kturl down if it wasn’t for the racist comment. No need to be an asshole here.

      • kturl69

        I don’t give a shit if you thumbs me down a million times. This isn’t facebook you dumbshit. I’m giving my fucking opinion on a situation that has caught major headlines. I’ve been a fan of Green Day since Nimrod first came out. And I completely agreed with Billie Joe’s outburst. I’m not totally racist but I sure as hell didn’t vote Obama in 08 and I’m sure as hell not voting him in Nov.

      • PeAcE MiNuS 0Ne

        If you didn’t care about the thumbs down why comment about if you care or not? For that youre getting a thumbs down.

      • kturl69

        Dickhead, fuckface, cock smoking, mother fucking, asshole, dirty twat, waste of semen, I hope you die. HEY!


        Jeez man, I was with you until the “nagger” bit. You make the meathead at the top of the thread with the homoerotic avatar seem tasteful by comparison.

      • damn (your mom’s balls)

        kturl69 likes to do some 69 with obese transvestite senior citizens that have weak bowels.

      • dmoe

        Not only do you lob that word out you magically decided to throw in Obama too. lol, come on let’s make it a trifecta gangbang and top it with some Godwin’s.

      • revstevo

        when did politics come into play here? oh, when the guy defending himself for being called racist decided to say he didn’t vote for a black politician. good job buddy. oh, btw, Lajon is black.

      • G Scotty

        For real man, there is no reason to be disrespectful on this message board. This isn’t facebook? WTF is that even supposed to mean anyways? Since you are just a name and a shitty sevendust avatar and your “friends” cannot connect you to your racist bullshit, you think you can come on here and sling your filthy fucking ideals? get fucked man.

        And you’ve been a fan since Nimrod? That’s about the equivalent of saying “I’ve been a Metallica fan since Load!”, or “I’ve been a Sevendust fan since been Sevendust!”

        However thank you for posting today, gave all of us here at the prp a good idea of how much weight to put into any of the fresh bullshit that flows out of your keyboard.

      • Stenny

        The guy with 69 in his ‘name’ has been listening to Green Day since 91′. Rock on.

        Your virginity breeds mites, much like a cheese.

      • adamonfire

        That nigger made the shit out of my coffee.

      • Dred Furst

        Eat a dick you racist fuck face.

        Green Day are garbage.

  • portesbor

    I totally don’t agree with this Faceless asswipe. Green day came from a independent scene got big on songwriting of their own. And now has more time in music than anyone performing there was the point. They do headline and even at Warped Tour in 2000 they had an extended set to an hour and a half. Even though other bands were playing. Plus I enjoy the 3 power chord thing as opposed to mindless scaling. Another reason why Stephen Carpenter rocks cause he doesn’t waste time with solos. But I’ve noticed this site has been becoming the skinny jean scene for a while.

    • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

      You call it mindless, but that’s probably why you’re lacking- a guess what..
      But it’s ok, not everyone graduates from paint by numbers.

      • portesbor

        Am I a lacking a dick or a mind? Because I actually love At the Drive-in and the Mars Volta.Sounds like you have too many shitty tattoos and love for shitty music. It’s ok the screamo scene still has a place for you.

      • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

        Sure wish you could’ve taken some time to come up with something actually funny.

      • They Ate Their Macaroons in Silence

        & lol.. Sounds like you just said a diet version of what I said to you and the guy that would rather give a BJ to BJ from Green Day than lay with a beautiful black woman.

    • Vautour

      Technical death metal doesn’t have shit to do with skinny jeans. But guess what? Billie Joe Armstrong does.

    • b_kh405

      Skinny jean scene?! Perhaps you’re more comfortable with the guy-liner and super-sweet-16 tantrum scene?

  • southpawchew

    A) my first concert was green day when I was 7 dookie is still awesome 2) who told him to fake a British acent? 3) I should t it be we it is a band 4) that mascara is going to get runny from all that crying 4) u want respect u don’t play on shit like this!

    • kturl69

      U butchered your third point. I hope you’re on a phone or possibly that hammered.

      • southpawchew

        ah yeah it shouldnt be i it should be we
        my iphone is funky with this site it types slow and always makes the text blurry

    • BlueBalls

      Billie Joe Armstrong has made a career out of faking a British accent.

  • jrr

    1. I’m amazed to see what bands some people will go total fucking fanboy for on this site.

    2. I don’t see what Billie Joe was complaining about, they coulda played a whole other one of their songs in that minute.

    3. I doubt Justin Bieber has to deal with that shit.

    • ethos

      1. Who’s going fanboy for Green Day here?

      2. I think most of their songs are around the radio perfect 3 minute mark, but one minute was about perfect to finish up Basket Case.

      3. He probably doesn’t have to.

    • dmoe

      He’s a brave man going after a kid like that.

  • Relentless_Beating

    An asshole commenting on an asshole. Seems fair.

  • PeAcE MiNuS 0Ne

    Please everyone. Let’s leave racism for a cold soul shirt.

  • jg566

    I’m not seeing this as a big deal…He said fuck Bieber and smashed a guitar…

    • jg566

      Kind of awesome actually

  • rockout54

    I’m stunned that no musicians that play out regularly have commented on this. The arguing above is asinine.

    The following things are true about Green Day:
    1) They put in the hard work on an indie long before the internet could ever create a star, which is what I’m assuming the “Justin Bieber” thing was about.
    2) They write all their own music (which, one could assume, means they care about their music), and can actually compose a song. I love all sorts of prog and tech sort of bands, but there’s nothing remotely wrong with being able to write a song that people can actually follow, particularly if it actually has some kind of creativity to it, whether it’s lyrically, musically, or a front to back themed “rock opera”. Not everyone has to be a studio musician to be “legit”.
    3) The sort of cultural/musical relevance and influence they have achieved multiple times between Dookie (93), Nimrod (97), and American Idiot (04) and their album sales makes them very likely a lock for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

    And if you’ve ever gigged before, you know exactly what kind of a slap in the face it is to have your set cut short by five minutes, let alone twenty.

    All that aside, apparently Billie Joe is being put into rehab for this whole deal now. Whatever that is worth.

    • kturl69

      Dookie was 94 son!

      • rockout54

        My bad. Early 94.

      • rockout54

        so much for my “the following things are true about Green Day”


    I’ll always have a soft spot for Green Day. From Dookie to American Idiot, they’ve been consistent as Hell and put on an incredible live show. I couldn’t give too poops if Billie acts like a bitch on stage during a pop show, just like I couldn’t care less about what some “faceless” moron thinks of the whole scenario.

    All I care about is that I’ll be seeing them again in January. Maybe they aren’t a PRP-approved band, but they are top-shelf in my book.

    • kturl69


    • southpawchew

      i havent followed them sense nimrod but every thing i heard on the radio i dug except for american idot. i just started listening to them again like 2 weeks ago. may not be prp approved but id rather dig dookie out then white zombie.

      • G Scotty

        Dookie and Astro-Creep: 2000 both kick ass, why’s it gotta be all that?

  • SpinSwimScream

    The funniest part about Green Day is that they were actually selling back when they put Dookie out, but then they decided to still go ahead and sell out anyways… I’m not going to say I didn’t like Dookie when I was 10, but I also wouldn’t start some shit with anyone over them. They’re no even close to great. Everyone know that when you start out playing your instrument, learn a bogus Green Day song. It’s easy!

    • portesbor

      Your vocabulary sucks.

      • SpinSwimScream

        My auto-spell got me good. Sorry, bud.

  • portesbor

    Green Day rocks more than most of the bands mentioned on this website. Spineshank, Fear Factory, (Hed) P.E? For some reason they wrote good songs so they suck now? There is more to music than screaming. Will be going to the Gwar, Devildriver, Cancer Bats show very soon down here. But mostly for Cancer Bats!

  • BlueBalls

    Oh shit my daughter fell asleep listening to this festival on her radio the past two nights. I hope the bleep guy was on top of his game, otherwise Billie Joe may have dropped a few f-bombs in her dreams lol.

    As far as the rant/tantrum, it was either a shameless attempt to grab some publicity or he is the biggest bitch on Earth, possibly both. He knew damn well he signed up for some cheesy made for radio festival with short timed sets. He probably also knows his band has made some pretty terrible music in the last ten years. I still find shit like Dookie and Insomniac very listenable but nostalgia is the only purpose Green Day serves these days.

  • Livedefflo

    they had been postponing green day for more poppish bands and green day was 30mins late playing. I rea dthe article earlier, He had a right to be pissed. I haven’t listened to them since American Idiot, but he DID have a right to be cranky. Maybe not in the fake brittish drunk guy way but… still.

    • BlueBalls

      I take back some of what I said in my comment above in light of this new information. Not much though.

  • Dixon Cider

    I feel bad for him, eyeliner withdrawal is the WORST!

  • toeballlordjimmy

    I think the funniest thing was the bass player breaking his guitar too. He was still wearing it ready to play on and just jumped ship and followed the leader haha.

  • dontdoghb

    Haha.. Billie Joe Not-so-Armstrong… I didn’t think he was going to be able to break that guitar at first……..Apparently Green Day has an album coming out this week. Cool publicity stunt! :\

  • dr.3000

    who the hell are the faceless? god, i’m getting old.


      Apparently a Godsmack tribute band or some shit.

  • HonkeyKong

    This can all be summed up with Fat Mike tweets.

    “I’ve been around since fuckin 1967!”
    “Fuck the Kids,Juicehead,See Her Pee…3 songs in one minute. What’s the problem with one minute?”

    Fuck Green Day listen to some real Punk!!

  • monkeywithagun

    I used to listen to Green day back in 90′s, well that’s until I was introduced to real punk music.

  • cma3585

    I guess everyone had the time to listen to him whine.

  • KhanTROLL

    If you dont mind sharing the stage with the likes of justin beiber and usher, MAYBE YOU SHOULD HAVE NOT AGREED TO PLAY IN THE FIRST PLACE…but because you NEEDED the money, I completely understand your rationale for being pissed at getting cut short when playing such an amazing festival with so many amazing artists…

    My message to BJA:

    Your slurred muddied rant, your (barely) breaking of 1 guitar, and your profound love for the word fuck, only prove you the toughest and most relevant guys in the music industry today. While you did choose to abandon your roots and sell out to the masses, you made a substantial amount of money and I commend you on that (if that was one of your original goals when you started Sweet Children…)

    However, your complete and utter failure to have half a brain, has fractured your ego so hard that you forgot how lucky you are to STILL be playing and sharing a stage with anyone, let alone today’s biggest and most relevant pop stars (considering the last inkling of anything relevant came out in ’04?…)

    That being said, I award you NO points and may god have mercy on your soul.

    This guys needs to be subject to a skateboard to the head via Mike Vallely

    • Fred Fred Burger (Darkdevout)

      What roots? they were kicked out of their local punk club in Cali for being too pop.

  • coolguy2424

    Green Day was that band at Woodstock ’94 that let the audience throw mud and shit at them during their set right? These guys are a bunch of attention whoring d-bag supremes. The lead man thinks he is Jesus Christ reincarnated or something. He also looks like he is all of 5’5″ and 120 pounds. Break your geetar little man if it makes you feel better. He only plays power chords because he has tiny little fingers like a baby. I spit on Green Day. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • Fred Fred Burger (Darkdevout)

    Well there were many things that was going on there Billy was drunk and he was mad a very bad combination, also to that guy who said they sold out that’s not really true, Green day was always a mainstream punk band, if you think Dookie wasn’t pop punk then you have low standards for how aggressive punk should be. I’m afraid I’m going to get so much flame for this but so be it, I think good on Billy Joe for flipping a shit, If I was a Green Day fan and I saw them for the first time I would sure be pissed if I just saw them for 25 min instead of 45, fuck I heart radio and I hope their shitty festival never comes back.

  • RxInfection

    C’mon Billy Joe, don’t act like you can’t cram 3 or 4 Green Day songs into that one minute!

  • Jenkem Dealer

    I don’t see anything wrong with how Billie Joe was on stage. As a musician who has gotten on stage with plans to play a certain number of songs, being told you have to cut your set short while you are on stage fucking sucks. I don’t mind that he had his “rockstar moment” smashing the guitar.

    However, what I find stupid about the whole thing is now he has to “go to rehab” for it and they issued an apology. Fuck that. Stick to your guns. It’s bullshit they cut your set, you called them out for it and smashed your guitar. Why do you now need to apologize for it and go to rehab? I’d understand if you were an up and coming band; getting blacklisted by a promotion company, venue, etc. fucking sucks. But you’re in Green Day. There’s other shows, other festivals, other venues. Fuck iheartradio or whatever its called. You don’t need that shit.

    • goop

      Yeah, actually the whole episode is punk, through and through. This iHeart gig was a big thing and here is telling the man to go fuck himself; quite the opposite of selling out. Reminds me of the good old Sex Pistol days. He’s got nothing to apologize for.

      • dmoe

        Except for his bands buttery diarrhea catalog.

  • Fred Fred Burger (Darkdevout)

    Also Michael Keen doesn’t have the right to talk trash after that new Faceless album that was utter shit.

  • ninigiku

    OK, besides how whiny he sounds with all the cussing and bitching like a baby, that wasn’t THAT bad of a “breakdown”, there must be more to it than what’s on this video. I’ve never been a Greenday fan, but this guy is just angry cauz of the retarded scoreboard that shows remaining duration of the allotted performance time. This scoreboard isn’t very “punk”, and although neither is Greenday, they like to believe that they are and I understand him getting pissed. I would’ve just kept on playing until zero time and then instantly created feedback and noise. I never really considered him to have a ton of character anyways.

  • michotic

    Anyone who has ever played a gig or show anywhere knows how much it sucks to be told you have 1 minute especially if the crowd is going and everything is running so smooth. Michael should know this when his fans want more and he is told he has 1 minute buy some money hungry promoter stand up for your fans yourself and your freedom of creativity. I will not buy another Faceless album. What sucks more is I like The Faceless as a band far more than Green Day musically. Sorry Faceless your hearts in the wrong place. By the way why would you make this statement right around the time Uno is released? Trying to convert some Green Day fans? Someone searches Green Day and sees your post talking crap about their singer calling him childish? To each their own and I have made my decision your talented but you have 1 minute left and now its gone no more Faceless down 1 fan.


    This dude (Billy Jerkoff) has no right to bitch, I dont care how big he thinks his band is. When he and band management signed off on appearing at this festival I’m pretty sure there was a discussion on the length of set they’d be given. At a festival like this, the promoters have to make sure they adhere to a schedule. If not, and you allow each band to play an extra 10 minutes, there will be a band or two that will be bumped. I realize it’s Vegas and the city never sleeps but the show still has to end around a specific time. Why didnt this clown complain at the beginning of his set when the display showed his entire allotted time? The dude needs to get off his high horse. His band is atrocious. The end.

    I will now leave for another lengthy period of time…toodles.

    • Jenkem Dealer

      The promoters allowed Usher extra time on stage, basically saying “that’s okay, we’ll just take it away from Green Day’s set time” which is a slap in the face to Green Day. He had the right to bitch. Although what I think he should have done was continue playing and disregard the timer, saying “Fuck it, we were told we would be allowed a 45 minute set before we took the stage and we’re going to give you (the crowd) 45 minutes’ worth of music whether the timer says we can or not!” If the promoter has a problem with that, they only have themselves to blame for allowing Usher the extra time.

  • southpawchew

    his rant teacher must be that bitch who killed kurt from nirvana…

  • deadlights911

    Yes I do admit Billie Joe Armstrong did over react a bit. But still, he had every fucking right to be angry.

    I still respect Billie Joe Armstrong. I’ve met him personally and he is a very down to earth guy and very friendly. Since when does being rich automatically deem you a fucking spolied prick? NEVER.

    Billie Joe has maintained a family of two kids and has been married for 18 years now. How often do you see “spolied” rock star pricks lead a marriage for that long? Never.

    Now stop bitching and leave Billie Joe Armstrong be. Everyone has their moments in life.

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