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Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe Vents On Marilyn Manson’s “Born Villain” First Week Sales, Proclaims “The Industry Is Dying” (Updated)

The recent first week sales of Marilyn Manson‘s new album “Born Villain” (38,000 sold in the U.S. first week) caused Lamb Of God‘s Randy Blythe to rant about the state of the industry on his Twitter.

You can read what he had to say below:

“So Marilyn Manson’s new record debuted at #10 w/just over 38k sold, including iTunes. He released it independently on his own record. This is a guy with 3 platinum records, 3 gold, 5 top 10 debuts including two NUMBER ONE RECORDS in the US.

He also has a HUGE CULT FOLLOWING. A #10 record? 38,000 sold first week for arguably one of the biggest “underground” type acts? IT’S FUCKING PATHETIC. The industry is DYING.

All the people who argue about not feeding the record labels, the corporate machine, etc, about how artists should just release their albums THEMSELVES and THE FANS, THE REAL UNDERGROUND FANS will back them to support the artists? There is your fucking answer.

I don’t listen to MM but dude has cred for making his own artistic choices. He hasnt released a record in 3 years & his fans, his HUGE ASS FAN BASE, could only chart 38k records? That’s fucked up- MM is a MUCH LARGER BAND than LOG, & we outsold him by over 10k 1st week.

Not because we have gotten bigger, but because we had a label, a promotional machine behind us. So so much for the “release it yourself & we will support the artist” “and not the greedy corporate label pigs” theory. Amazing.

MM is rich as fuck, & this won’t put him in the poorhouse by any means, but if a huge-ass rockstar like him can only sell 38k records 1st week, RELEASING IT HIMSELF, then how are the bands putting out their FIRST record when nobody knows who they are supposed to survive? Don’t cry for me, Argentina- I can tour til the cows come home & pay my bills.

But I feel sorry for the young bands. Good luck guys & gals- yer gonna need it. “Support the artists no the labels…” GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE.”

Update – May 09th 3:04pm:

Blythe has since followed up his initial rant with the following:

“Anyway, the whole point of that was not to draw comparisons to my band’s & MM’s quality of music (thanks for the compliments y’all, haha), differences in styles, who is more popular, etc.- I’m just saying that when a “underground” music star THAT BIG sells THAT LITTLE amount, it shows me that things will only get harder for younger bands as the labels sink further and further into disrepair.

There’s solid underground labels with ethical owners (I am friends with some of them) who do this thing for the love of MUSIC, TO GET IT OUT THERE, AND TO HELP YOUNG BANDS- but if truly (comparatively) no one is buying records, even from the independents, then eventually no one will be there to help the younger bands get where they need to be.

I have a good life. I’m smart with my $, & I don’t “live large” (ie STUPIDLY)- don’t need to, & I don’t want to. I have a solid career as long as I want it. So I ain’t worried about ME- I’ll be FINE- but I do worry for those young bands. Because I LOVE the younger bands that KICK MY ASS and make me feel OLD & feel like I BETTER step my game up OR ELSE.

I just want those bands to have a goddamned chance at making it, same chance I had. Someone has got to sing the new songs, & somehow those songs NEED TO BE HEARD.”


  • Vautour

    Good to know that this cannot have anything to do with the possibility that nobody gives a fuck about Marilyn Manson anymore. Obviously, Manson has to be successful because he was successful in the past.

    • robishow

      Regardless of sales or popularity or whatever, Born Villain’s worth checking out, Vulture. Give it a few spins.

      • stuckpig

        Definitely. I bought it. I can say he’s right.

  • MPLSshutdown

    Maybe it’s because his last couple of albums were inconsistent and his act is growing tired? Stick to skateboarding.

    • Brian

      You hit the nail on the head! If Manson’s last two albums weren’t so goddamn awful (especially High End) maybe more people would have bought this.

      Also, maybe if the album didn’t stream ahead of time and reveal that, while a step in the right direction, it was boring and way too long, the album may have sold better.

  • Furtheron

    Can someone just tweet – Radiohead In Rainbows at Blythe. I’d like to hear what his caps lock has to say about that

  • jrr

    The industry is dying, but music never will. That’s all that should matter.

  • picobo

    Miss Blythe,
    Never been a fan of LOG; rather listen to Pantera than your Y2K adaptation of them for the new generation…. having said that, I dislike your band even more since you started opening your mouth in tweeter. Somehow your rants have turned into news that trash my precious Pimp Rock Palace, a site I hold close to my heart since before I had pubic hair.
    Any fucking way, has it occurred to you that perhaps MM’s new record sucks balls and some of his fans have grown up before him??
    Look out cause your audience my soon grow pubes as well and you’ll be crying for Argentina while waiting for their cows to go pay your bills!

    • killurself

      That’s funny as Fuck. Dude you don’t know shit. You would rather listen to pantera. Don’t get me wrong pantera is good music. But really? Blythe is one of the FEW left that says what he feels and doesn’t sugar coat shit. Trust me he is set and his fans have pubes that’s why we listen to his music. They will be fine. As for you, I bet you’re one the ones that steals music and hence the false numbers. Oh and I seriously doubt LoG tries to be a “Y2K” adaption of Pantera. Pantera is not near as heavy. So keep hating. But be a fan dude. Not a douche bag that has something to say that you wouldn’t say in person instead ask for an autograph.

  • Farts

    Randy is a douche, but he makes some valid points. How can you ignorant fucks that posted above me deny that piracy has had an obviously negative impact on records sales? It isn’t opinion, it is fact. Get your fucking heads out of your asses.

    • picobo

      did you just fart?

    • Moxy? Oh, Brian

      piracy has had a negative impact on the music industry because an artist (or label, i don’t care) can no longer charge $17 for a sub-par product and continue to make money doing so. if i can download a record i’m semi-intrigued by for free, still give that band or artist money by seeing them live (if the record’s good) and buy a tee shirt or something, i’ll save my $20 from the cd to buy drugs that’ll help me enjoy said album even more…i detest nothing more than dudes with money complaining that they aren’t making enough money.
      i don’t care about your argument or your fagg-y ‘i love this band i want to give them all my cash’ attitude. i’m broke. 99% of the music out right now isn’t worth paying for, and it’ll take a whole lot to make me feel bad for a band that’s toured Japan off a gold-certified record saying they need my 11 dollars.

      • coolguy2424

        I am in agreement with everything that you typed on your computer from your brain. Drug money is the most importent thing. Budgets be damned! I must be able to afford my chemicals. Cash for ass makes more sense. Give it up.

    • Farts

      You are implying that everyone that pirates albums from bands they enjoy, also attend shows and buy merch to make up for the loss in profit. That isn’t the case, jackass. MY ATTITUDE is if you like a band enough to steal the album, then make the “investment’ and purchase the fucking album. Also, not all bands are rich you fucking moron, consider up and coming bands, and not all popular bands have reached “gold album” status. No matter which way you try to slice it, these bands are working hard to make music for YOU the fan, and they are doing it during undoubtedly some of the hardest times for the music industry. Maybe if you spent less money on your drugs(please note that I know many productive drug users and I myself, love marijuana) and more time looking for a decent paying job(insert comment regarding the bad economy here), you wouldn’t have to steal. Piece of shit.

      • Moxy? Oh, Brian

        wow. strongly worded.
        a.) i didn’t imply anything about anyone. i stated summarily that I will go see a band if I like a record.
        b.) you don’t hear the up and coming bands bitching about only selling 30,000 copies. and most of those bands move most of their product (cds, tee shirts, stickers, etc) by playing on the road, not through distribution with a label that puts them in FYE.
        c.) if not for internet downloading, a good percentage of the oversaturated musical underground wouldn’t exist outside their own hometown, because nobody outside of where they’re immediately capable of touring would know who they were. people hearing your band in new hampshire when you’re from washington state is helpful to bands.
        d.) no. not every band is making music for me, the fan, you’re a fool if you honestly believe that.
        e.) i am employed. but when one has bills, pets, family AND a drug habit, one has little extra cash to spend $15 on a record that a band like LOG is going to turn around and apologize for not trying hard enough on in two years. so fuck you and your faux indignation.

      • Moxy? Oh, Brian

        but really, congratulations for taking a comment that was directed at guys like marilyn manson, randy blythe and lars ulrich and trying to make me sound like a dick who doesn’t care about underground bands.

    • killurself

      That’s about 75% of it you’re right.

  • coolguy2424

    Randy is kind of a dickhead. Oh, you beat Manson by 10,000 fucking units moved. Congratulations. Both bands are merely a speck of fly shit on some record executives windshield at this point. Continue to tour and shut the fuck up.

  • robishow

    All these people lamenting the “death of the industry” sound like a bunch of passengers on the Titanic saying how much it sucks that it’s sinking. Well, it’s sinking, so with that knowledge, act – build a raft, have sex one last time, blow your head off, learn to swim… something.

    Call me an optimist, but I think (hope) the history blogs will show that this shift in music – i.e. the death of the industry and the emergence of free music and largely voluntary band support – ended up being a good thing for Music. Sure, some will fall by the wayside on the way, but as a culture, I think the place we’re going is a very good one.

    • coolguy2424

      Word. A Brave New World. Or maybe it will be like the Hunger Games, where bands must kill one another in order to survive. I have been watching way too much Metalocalypse lately.

    • Bitter Old Man

      It’s been hard to have a positive outlook on the music industry in a long time, but well said dude!

  • skizem

    It’s Marilyn Manson…what depressed teenager even knows who he is anymore?

  • M3DL1N

    the new manson album is actually decent. i didn’t buy it though.. ahaha

  • Aggroculture

    Yeah shut up Randy, bullshit revolutionary.

  • jayofdajungle

    I’d be interested to know who made more money. Manson, who sold less records but doesn’t have to give up any money to a record company, or Lamb Of God who sold more records and does…

    • booze

      I’ve got no doubt Manson made substantially more sans label.

    • Surly


  • Dixon Cider

    Who is this Marilyn chick? and is she hawt?

  • southpawchew

    he sold 38,000 more then he should of.

    • Aggroculture

      *should have
      and no

    • robishow



  • kturl69

    MM was at his peak after he released “The Golden Age of Grotesque.” Which I personally think was his best album. I remember watching his “mOBSCENE” performance @ Ozzfest 03 and it blew me away. When his intro kicked in and “Thaeter” started playing everyone was going insane. He had tons of explosions, the mOBSCENE girls, and sounded perfect live. I still remember him shoving his mic in one of the girls assholes and screaming out of it until her ass blew up. EPIC. And fast forward time to when he did Mayhem Fest 09. Headlining over Slayer? Needless to say as soon as Slayer got off stage more than HALF the crowd @ DTE left and his performance( if u call it that ) was unbelievably boring. I’ll have to check out his new album. Haven’t listened to him since he went down the crapper.

    • cma3585

      Saw him over the weekend. He’s WAY better now than he was on that Mayhem tour. His voice is much better. It’s not nearly as good as it was from 96-03, but drugs and age will do that to you (Phil Anselmo anyone?). He still belted out some impressive screams and kept up just fine. Was definitely a great show considering the more intimate venues he’s playing now compared to at his peak when he was only doing festivals.

    • adamonfire

      I bet you live in Hazel Park.

    • robishow

      That happens at every Slayer show, though.

    • Moxy? Oh, Brian

      that’s an interesting viewpoint, to me Golden Age of Grotesque was the first legitimately awful Manson album. The trilogy of Antichrist Superstar, Mechanical Animals and Holywood are by far his three best records, to me any way. And the guy hasn’t been good (at all) since he put those albums out in the mid-90s. that really awful, powerman 5000 meets the dresden dolls thing was the beginning of the end, as far as i’m concerned. …remember that fucking terrible Tainted Love cover?

  • TheMediaProphet

    I think a lot of MM’s initial popularity in the 90′s was due to MTv. B&B played Get Your Gunn, that’s where I first heard of MM and the Sweet Dreams video – as well as many other follow up videos helped MM reach an audience he wouldn’t have otherwise had. I remember girls and guys who listened to rap or country going out and buying the Smells Like Children album. Essentially no more MTv coupled with the fact that he hasn’t released anything stellar in recent years will do this.

    I was excited when he released that video directed by The Beef, but it was godawful. Shock for the sake of shock and the music kept stopping, so I couldn’t get into the song. Mechanical Animals is still one of my favorite rock albums ever.

    • Aggroculture

      I’m really bothered you went to the trouble of writing MTv, when even MTV write MTV.

      • kturl69


      • TheMediaProphet

        Ha, I guess it’s my OCd?

  • HornsandClaws

    Bands shouldn’t be doing it for the money anyway they should be doing it because they love it. Who really gives a fuck where the money goes? As long as them tunes sound great.

    • Rhinoron

      Think you’re missing the point… no money going anywhere = no more music from that band.

      Band doesn’t sell music -> band makes no money for label X + no money for themselves & their family -> label X drops band -> band takes hiatus.

      • mad_hiddy

        how about “do it without the label, and do it for the music”? oh ya, we live in a greedy corporate network under the guise of democracy.

    • killurself

      Do you do your job only because you love it? I bet you tear your check up every week and say ,”fuck that man I did it for the love.” Haha or you don’t have to work cause you live at home still. C’mon man they have to make money. This is a JOB too.

  • Fred Burst

    Is he really that surprised that Manson can only sell 38,000 albums opening week? Cuz I know I’m not. Shit, I bet Manson himself isn’t even surprised. He’s aware that it’s 2012 this year, right?

    • robishow

      I’m still shaking my head at “only 38,000″. Only. If that’s failure, I wanna fail really bad.

      • Moxy? Oh, Brian

        fuckin right? almost 40,000 people (the population of a small city) bought you record….how do you cope with this terrible reality?
        …singers should make it a rule not to talk when there aren’t any guitars playing. imagine how much it would’ve helped Metallica’s career with their fans if they’d never started talking.

  • smokin_joe

    Let’s all go buy a LoG album so Randy can finally get the surgery he needs to have his head removed from his ass.

  • mad_hiddy

    I wanna start off by saying “Antichrist Superstar” and “Holywood” are two of the greatest Rock albums of all time. I also really love “Portraits” and a lot of Manson’s remixes and such…however…the reason why his new album debut at #10 and sold less is…*drum roll*…it SUCKED! The music industry is failing, because…IT SUCKS! Modern day Record Label music SUCKS. It’s all about underground music, and why? Because they have the balls to say and do what they want, and modern day music lovers are focusing on that. FUCK BIG LABELS, FUCK ROCK STAR EGOS, AND FUCK RANDY BLYTHE!

  • damn (your mom’s balls)

    I think its pretty clear Randy has done some damage to his brain over the years. I didn’t even read this shit, I’m done with lamb of god. I saw them in a club with like 100 people back in 2001 when they still kicked ass. I guess their popularity went to his head, along with a whole lotta booze.

    • Moxy? Oh, Brian

      and heroin. don’t forget the heroin. haha

  • Lifeseclipse

    Sorry bud, I’m spending my gas money on gas, and my CD money on gas. If Poison released an album right now, do you think it’ll sell like 1988 sales figures, or do you think all those soccer mom’s will steal their daughter’s laptops and download it so they have something to take them back to their glory days while they run to get some milk in their Grand Caravan?

    • HoodooOperator


  • Cutch

    Uuughhh, maybe you you sold more records because LoG > Manson?

    I love Lamb of God, but really wish Randy would stop embarrassing himself like this.