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Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe Rants On Filesharing Sites

SOPA/PIPA and today’s shutdown of popular filesharing site by the U.S. Justice Department have proven ample fodder for various artists through social networking today. Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe has of course contributed his own two cents on the matter; getting involved in a number of heated discussions about the topics at hand through his Twitter.

One such rant from Blythe directed at filesharing sites such as Megaupload, reads:

“I would like to see some of these fucks look into their own data bases, catalog everything there, then release a statement w/#’s. #’s that show EXACTLY how much of their content is copyrighted material & how much is stuff that falls under public domain. These websites are not some sort of altruistic creative expression charities. They are multi-million dollar BUSINESSES.

It’s all about money, & the few that REALLY make it. Don’t even fucking kid yourselves that it’s anything else. People are all like “fuck the music business fucks!” AS IF the owners of these file sharing sites aren’t just digital oil sheiks themselves. WAKE UP.”


  • sae

    so when do we change the tagline of theprp to Randy and David’s Opinions plus some music news. i’m so sick of hearing about what these assholes think, we know, we know, they both have blogs/twitters/etc. if i gave a fuck what they thought i’d check those sites, not this one.


    • Donnie Narco

      hey hey hey HEY….. don’t forget Greg. he wouldn’t like that, that’s HIS spotlight.

  • damn

    Randy and David 69 with each other.

  • lllslinklll

    All I see is “Blah blah my shitty band doesn’t make any money *cry*!”

  • lllslinklll

    Time and time again we’ve seen proof that if you create quality content, people will happily pay an appropriate price directly to the content maker. Look at the experiments that Louis CK, Nine Inch Nails, and Radiohead did. I don’t remember the numbers for the other two, but Louis CK made $2 Million in just a few weeks and ended up giving a large portion of it to charity.

    Don’t get mad at us that you’re tied to a draconian industry that is dying and no longer needed.

  • cheechorama

    Example of all the bullshit fluff that band’s HAVE to have.

  • allichs

    Megaupload was awesome, one of the best file hosting services [R.I.P.]

    • A. Estes

      Megaupload was unreliable as fuck. Mediafire or GTFO.

      • allichs

        mediafire is great too, but MU had THE speed

  • adamonfire

    I really wish Anon would just attack the shit out of this guy.

  • My Farts Linger

    It’s official, Wook is Randy Blythes bottom.

  • Weird_White_Dude

    Randell Blythes Thoughts = Yawn.

  • ExOblivione

    If he spent as much time writing songs as he did ranting and raving about this shit there could be another 3 or 4 LoG albums out by now.

    • A. Estes

      Too bad they’d all sound the same.

  • MondoChron

    Does Youtube have copyrighted material that isnt authorized? Do they not have ads on their site? According to what everyone else is saying, Youtube would fall under this as well. Not all of Youtube’s stuff is illegal, as for the same with Megaupload, Hollywood is pissed because they 1) can’t have control over all the creative artists and what they produce, 2) more artists are going or staying independent 3) You can now have the sound of a million dollar studio at your house for a fraction of the cost and promote yourself. I WOULD LOVE TO SEE A COMPARISON with Megaupload and Youtube to see the amount of files in their data base and what percentage are actually breaking infringement laws. You can type ANYTHING into Youtube and find infringements.

  • jrr

    I really didn’t mind these at first, but the constant flow of them are starting to get pretty bit ridiculous and overbearing.

    If they must be posted, maybe separate them into their own section? Like say, a “FLUFF” link next to “NEWS”? Hell, you could even drop some nuggets and free knowledge in there to flesh it out.

  • metal1pat

    Shutting down this site will have about as much of an effect on illegal downloading as the war on drugs has done to stop the flow of drugs. Guess this is just going to be the new “fall guy” in this war. Everybody knows how well the Napster shutdown fixed everything. I’ll bet record sales are skyrocketing already lmao….

  • adamonfire


  • MTOcean890

    Blythe, Farara and Draiman all speaking out again online piracy. All of them also havent put out a good quality album in years. Is that irony or just bitching?

    • cma3585

      I think Devildriver has been as consistent as any band in the genre since their inception. Beast is well…a beast.

  • tentonwolf

    Dear Randy Blythe, please refer to the lyrics from bootscraper. Don’t forget where you came from pal, this could apply to Dez and Dave as well.