Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe Rants On Filesharing Sites


SOPA/PIPA and today’s shutdown of popular filesharing site by the U.S. Justice Department have proven ample fodder for various artists through social networking today. Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe has of course contributed his own two cents on the matter; getting involved in a number of heated discussions about the topics at hand through his Twitter.

One such rant from Blythe directed at filesharing sites such as Megaupload, reads:

“I would like to see some of these fucks look into their own data bases, catalog everything there, then release a statement w/#’s. #’s that show EXACTLY how much of their content is copyrighted material & how much is stuff that falls under public domain. These websites are not some sort of altruistic creative expression charities. They are multi-million dollar BUSINESSES.

It’s all about money, & the few that REALLY make it. Don’t even fucking kid yourselves that it’s anything else. People are all like “fuck the music business fucks!” AS IF the owners of these file sharing sites aren’t just digital oil sheiks themselves. WAKE UP.”