SlipknotJonathan Weiner

Clown Missed Slipknot’s ‘Sonic Temple’ Set Due To A Dental Emergency


Slipknot were once again forced to perform without their veritable ringleader M Shawn “Clown” Crahan during their headlining set at last night’s (May 19th) ‘Sonic Temple Art + Music Festival‘. Corey Taylor, vocalist of the multi-platinum masked metal outfit, addressed the crowd on the matter from the stage several songs into their set, offering:

“First things first, obviously, we are missing one of our brothers. Clown, yesterday, broke a tooth, had to have it removed. There is an issue. He had to stay home for medical reasons, but he insisted that we come here and fucking play this fucking show for each and every goddamn one of you, man.

He is missed. He is essential, and goddammit, on the count of three, I want you to fuckin tell him all that he is so fucking loved. I wanna hear you scream! ONE! TWO! THREE!”

Last June found the band performing without Clown as he stayed home to be with his wife amid her health issues.

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