Luke Holland Fire

Members Of Falling In Reverse Suffer Minor Burns From Pyro Mishap At ‘Sonic Temple’, Showdown With Sanguisugabogg Fails To Materialize


Two members of Falling In Reverse suffered apparent minor burns from the stage pyro during the band’s set last night (May 17th) at the ‘Sonic Temple Art + Music Festival‘ in Columbus, OH. Both drummer Luke Holland and guitarist Christian Thompson suffered some apparent minor burns amid the performance, with the following video being shared:

In light of the pyro mishaps, the band’s latest single “Ronald” was stopped and started several times, you can see footage of that below:

Meanwhile, you may recall the social media beef between Falling In Reverse‘s divisive vocalist Ronnie Radke and Sanguisugabogg vocalist Devin Swank that played out earlier in the year. While most of the original tweets over the matter were deleted during Radke‘s social media blackout that transpired weeks afterward, the two artists feuded online publicly with threats of a potential physical confrontation taking place at this year’s ‘Sonic Temple Art + Music Festival‘.

Radke has maintained that he will have Swank publicly apologize on camera for the disparaging things he said about him amid the feud. Swank however withdrew himself from the feud earlier in the year.

Falling In Reverse‘s stop at that Columbus, OH festival took place last night, May 18th, and it would appear no such showdown took place. Radke was in attendance performing with his band, while Swank had previously indicated he would be working that show, as his group were not among the artists scheduled to play.

Despite Radke‘s apparent best efforts, Swank appears to have not engaged with Radke over the matter. That didn’t stop Radke from repeatedly setting out to provoke Swank into a confrontation yesterday on social media. You can see how that unfolded via Radke‘s X profile, with key posts available below, as Radke‘s posts are not available to be embedded.

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