Falling In Reverse's Ronnie Radke

Ronnie Radke Remains Adamant That Sanguisugabogg Will Publicly Apologize To Him Following Recent Online Beef


The beef that played out online between Falling In Reverse vocalist Ronnie Radke and Sanguisugabogg vocalist Devin Swank has apparently come to an end—at least as far as Swank is concerned. That beef saw numerous insults being thrown back and forth, including Radke challenging the death metal band to a physical fight, and later extending them an invite to open a Falling In Reverse show.

Sanguisugabogg took numerous shots at Radke, including resharing several unsavory allegations made against Radke in the past, while also taking shots at him about them. Now it seems that Sanguisugabogg‘s vocalist Devin Swank has withdrawn from the war of words.

Upon retiring from the beef, Sanguisugabogg‘s X account stated (as later shared by Radke himself):

Ronnie Radke Vs. Sanguisugabogg

Ronnie Radke Tweet

Radke however isn’t ready to drop the beef yet though, insistent that Swank will issue him a public apology. Numerous posts on X were shared by Radke in relation to that yesterday (January 14th) and today. Here’s a sampling of them:

Ronnie Radke's War With Sanguisugabogg
Ronnie Radke Tweets Sanguisugabogg DMs

If the apparent mentions made by Sanguisugabogg (the post was since deleted) of an MC—presumably a motorcycle club in this context—sound familiar, it’s likely because similar mentions were previously made by Radke in a past incident.

Radke himself threatened an audience member that was wearing a ‘Fuck Ronnie Radke’ shirt in the audience back in 2021, with a mention of his dad’s ‘biker gang.’ During that incident, which took place at the ‘Blue Ridge Rock‘ festival that year, Radke was filmed stating from the stage to the individual wearing the shirt:

“You stand up to motherfuckers like this. I’ve beat up people twice your size. I’ve beat up people like you on his shoulders. I’m not playing with you. And if I won’t do it my dad’s biker gang will, homeboy. You think I’m fucking playing? Fuck you.

People try to test me. This is the reason I went to jail because of like him. I go to therapy to control my anger toward for people like this, man. That’s what you guys need to do to… I’m sorry, I don’t let it slide bro, I have an issue with anger. But if I’m being disrespected I get real fucking heated bro. I’ll give you a fucking heart attack homie. I’m serious, you know it too. I’m looking in both of your guys’ eyes. You fucking cyclops looking motherfucker, fuck you.”

Amid this whole latest beef between Radke and Swank that played out over the weekend, Slaughter To Prevail vocalist Alex Terrible also stepped in to support Radke. He stated via his Instagram:

“If someone want to fight @ronnieradke then you gotta fight me first! I would love to bare knuckle!🤓
Just saying
Ronnie is the main boss so before you go to the main boss you want to fight his mates😆”

Radke has in the past publicly supported Alex Terrible amid some backlash from the LGBT community over comments Terrible made last August. This past December saw Terrible deny allegations of being homophobic and more.

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