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Woman Who Suffered A Broken Neck From Trophy Eyes’ Singer’s Stage Dive Hopeful To Make A Full Recovery


Bird Piché, the victim of the unfortunate stage dive injury at Mohawk Place in Buffalo, NY on April 30th, has spoken out on her condition. As shown in widely circulated footage, the injury occured when Trophy Eyes vocalist John Floreani dove backwards into the crowd, inadvertently landing on Piché.

The impact left the 24-year-old Piché partially paralyzed. The concert was cut short and Floreani is said to have rode along in the ambulance with Piché to the hospital. Speaking recently with NBC News, Piché revealed that her prognosis has improved in the weeks since the accident. She even has begun to regain the use of her arms and some function with her legs. Her mother initially told WKBW that Bird had suffered a broken neck in the incident.

While encouraging signs have been shown with her condition, issues still persist with full control of her hands and toes however. Piché told the aforementioned publication of the injury, “It was, like, his body and my neck. It was a crowd-surfing thing.” She also offered, “When you hear about these types of injuries, they’re obviously very serious, so I didn’t expect to have any recovery.”

With the positive changes in her condition since the injury, she hopes to eventually have a full recovery. She stated of that, “I have a long road ahead, but I’m very optimistic right now”.

Further explaining her condition and recovery process, she added:

“I’m going to rehab either later today or tomorrow, but they do think I’ll have full recovery. Nothing is certain, obviously, but they are predicting l will have full recovery of everything.”

“So my legs, it’s involuntary, have been kicking a lot lately. I can’t control it. My arms, they’re — besides my hand dexterity — almost fully there. My fingers don’t have full movement.”

Piché and her immediate family declined to comment on whether or not they will be taking legal action over the incident. Mohawk Place has been known to enforce a ‘no crowd surfing’ policy, after a 2011 incident during a Terror and Trapped Under Ice show at the venue saw concertgoer Mike Bird suffer a broken C5 and C6 vertebrae after a being hit by a stage diver. A lawsuit that emerged over that incident put the club in jeopardy for a time afterwards.

Piché admitted she was aware of the potential of crowd surfing and stage dives at shows, but she certainly expect what transpired to her. She stated, ‘[Crowd surfing is] pretty typical at these kinds of shows. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I definitely didn’t expect to be in a hospital after the concert.”

On May 03rd, several days after the accident, Trophy Eyes issued the below statement through social media:

“As the result of a tragic accident on the night of April 30th, a Trophy Eyes fan was injured at our Buffalo NY show. We elected to immediately shut down the show as John accompanied them to the hospital with their family.

Out of respect for the family, we have refrained from speaking about this publicly so far, but with the blessing of their family we are now able to say how truly heartbroken we are to be here now. Our friend, Bird, is now in recovery, but still has a long road ahead for them. A gofundme has been set up by their family… [donate]

This situation has shaken us all to our core, and we ask for patience while we look to help Bird navigate this difficult time. Please, keep Bird in your thoughts. We remain in close contact with them and will expand on this as new news arrives.

Yours faithfully, Trophy Eyes

Trophy Eyes also donated $5,000 USD to Bird‘s GoFundMe, with Mohawk Place contributing $500 as well. Roughly a year prior to this accident, Trophy Eyes made headlines after shutting down a fan on social media who expressed concerns for their safety during a Trophy Eyes set.

That individual had stated online:

“First time I ever heard of you guys was the concert in Atlanta tonight and the lead singer kept encouraging mosh pits and crowd surfing, which made the majority of us, who were there for Against the Current, feel very unsafe and have to go to the sidelines, which is not fair because we were there before your crazy fans.

I almost had a panic attack. I didn’t even get the chance to find out if I liked your songs because I had to keep worrying about getting kicked in the head.”

Trophy Eyes directly replied on that post via social media, responding “fuck you.” The band would later celebrate the viral success of that comment, selling a shirt that featured a screencap of that exchange, albeit with the name of the concertgoer who complained redacted.

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