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Young Woman Suffers Severe Spinal Cord Injury From A Stage Dive Incident At Trophy Eyes’ Buffalo, NY Show (Updated)


A young woman named Bird Piché is said to have suffered a severe spinal cord injury while attending a Trophy Eyes‘ show at Mohawk Place in Buffalo, NY this past Tuesday, April 30th. The following on her condition was revealed via this GoFundMe:

“Bird Piché suffered a catastrophic spinal cord injury while attending a concert on April 30th and underwent an extensive surgery. She has a long recovery ahead and will need all the help she can get. It is still too early to know what her prognosis is but after leaving the hospital she will need to go to a rehab facility. She will obviously not be able to work during this time.

Bird recently began running and in the featured photo she had placed second in her age group!

We will update with details according to her comfort level. The funds will be used for medical bills and anything she may need to function in life because of the accident.”

That venue is said to advertise a no moshing policy, but according to fans in attendance, as well as Buffalo, NY-based 1120 Press, the incident appears to have occurred just minutes into Trophy Eyes‘ set. The injury allegedly transpired when the band’s vocalist John Floreani jumped backwards from the stage into the audience, subsequently being surfed around atop the crowd. That dive is said to be featured in the below footage and the show was stopped soon after.

An individual on Reddit claiming to have attended the show stated:

“My partner and I were directly beside her. As soon as we heard her say she was scared and couldn’t move we knew it wasn’t good. John was clearly devastated. I am curious how this will affect the rest of the tour and if he’ll come out with a statement about it.”

Another individual added:

“I was in front of the sound booth, as soon as I heard her say that my heart dropped. That moment will stick with me. Wishing her the best recovery possible.”

A Reddit account linked to the aforementioned  venue also expressed their concern on the condition of  Piché in the comments of the below Reddit post. Thus far Trophy Eyes don’t appear to have publicly commented on the matter.

Ironically, just over a year ago, Trophy Eyes made headlines for their heated response in regards to online criticism received for Floreani‘s incitement of moshing and crowd surfing at an April 23rd, 2023 show in Atlanta, GA. The fan in question at that show complained online that they felt unsafe at the show in light of all the flying bodies involved.

Sadly this is not the first time injury has struck at the Mohawk Place. Back in 2011, during a Terror and Trapped Under Ice show at the venue, a concertgoer named Mike Bird was knocked down by a stage diver. Bird suffered a broken C5 and C6 vertebrae in the accident. The incident left him requiring emergency spinal surgery. A resulting lawsuit over that accident put the club in jeopardy at the time.

Update: May 03rd, 2024 10:11am:

Trophy Eyes have now issued a statement on the unfortunate accident:

“As the result of a tragic accident on the night of April 30th, a Trophy Eyes fan was injured at our Buffalo NY show. We elected to immediately shut down the show as John accompanied them to the hospital with their family.

Out of respect for the family, we have refrained from speaking about this publicly so far, but with the blessing of their family we are now able to say how truly heartbroken we are to be here now. Our friend, Bird, is now in recovery, but still has a long road ahead for them. A gofundme has been set up by their family… [donate]

This situation has shaken us all to our core, and we ask for patience while we look to help Bird navigate this difficult time. Please, keep Bird in your thoughts. We remain in close contact with them and will expand on this as new news arrives.

Yours faithfully, Trophy Eyes

In addition to that, Trophy Eyes contributed $5,000 to the GoFundMe for Bird today (May 03rd) as well.

Update: May 04th, 2024 12:08pm:

Word on Piché‘s condition was given to WKBW by a close friend of hers, here’s what was offered:

“Her neck was definitely broken and as of today, she has feeling in her arms. She can use her fingers and hands and stuff. Her fine motor skills are a little rough but the surgeon said that’s kind of normal from the surgery and anesthesia.”

It was also confirmed that the injury was suffered during Floreani‘s stage dive. Mike Thor, general manager of Mohawk Place, commented to the aforementioned publication on the matter:

“There are [no crowd surfing] signs posted everywhere in the venue and notice was included in the emails for this show with the show’s promoter and the band themselves. Our policy and practiced procedure is a full show stop for any stage diving which was put into place for this incident.

Currently we are working to put together a charity show to help the injured party with their go fund me.”

Buffalo, NY Trophy Eyes show
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