Charlie Benante

Watch Charlie Benante (Anthrax/Pantera) Come Up With His Own Drum Parts For Ava Max’s ‘Barbie’ Soundtrack Cut “Choose Your Fighter”


Generally when it comes to Drumeo‘s popular video series, it’s metal songs that are played for unsuspecting guest musicians. This time around, the challenge remains the same: come up with your own drum parts on the spot for a song you are not familiar with. However, given that the latest guest is Charlie Benante, long-time drummer for East Coast thrash metal legends Anthrax and the current skinsman for Texan groove metal kings Pantera, a standard metal track simply won’t cut it.

Instead, Drumeo have opted to subject Benante to “Choose Your Fighter“, a track by Ava Max for the 2023 hit film ‘Barbie‘. You can watch Benante work his way through that track in the below video.

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