Anti-Flag’s Justin Sane Has Allegedly Fled The Country Amid A Sexual Assault Lawsuit & Numerous Allegations


Former Anti-Flag vocalist Justin Sane (aka Justin Geever) has allegedly left the United States amid legal trouble and a wave of allegations of sexual assault/misconduct. A report filed by Pittsburgh City Paper on March 29th saw the publication claim they had received confirmation of his departure from the United States. That apparent confirmation came from the legal team representing his most prominent accuser, Kristina Sarhadi.

It was Sarhadi‘s original anonymous allegation of sexual assault against Sane last summer that saw the rest of the band opt to dissolve. Sarhadi‘s claims were for an incident alleged to have taken place back in 2010. In light of last year’s Adult Survivors Act in New York waiving the standard statute of limitations for sexual assault claims, Sarhadi was able to file the suit.

In the wake of subsequently publicly coming forward against Sane, 12 other women came forward disturbing allegations of their own against Sane, detailing incidents that they claimed to have transpired as far back as the 1990s.

Sane would go on to publicly deny Sarhadi‘s allegations against him, claiming they were “categorically false.” His by then former bandmates however condemned him for his actions, though continued to maintain that they had no knowledge of his behavior.

Ultimately it was Sarhadi who would go on to take legal action against Sane and the band. She filed a civil lawsuit alleging sexual assault having been perpetrated against her by Sane. She would also go on to sue the band’s business, Hardwork Distribution Inc., claiming their were negligent in allowing Sane‘s alleged behavior to transpire.

This past March saw Sarhadi amend her complaint against Sane, after being unable to serve him with the suit, despite months of trying. That amendment sought to allow the courts to recognize Sane‘s sister as an authorized representative for her brother to be served the suit, allow legal proceedings to progress.

She was seeking that move after claiming to have received indications that Sane had apparently been liquidating his assets, selling his Pittsburgh home and transferring his funds overseas to “an Irish bank account.”

Zachary McConnell, a senior associate at one of the law firms representing Sarhadi, told the Pittsburgh City Paper late last month of Sane‘s current location

“We understand that Geever has left the country, but we do not know where he has gone.”

Since coming forward with allegations against Sane, Sarhadi has stated that some other 60 women have come forward with complaints of sexual assault or misconduct being perpetrated against them by Sane over the years. For more on these latest developments, head to Pittsburgh City Paper.

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