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Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross Planning New Nine Inch Nails Music, Launching New Company To Focus On Film, Fashion, Gaming & More


Nine Inch Nails‘ core duo of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross recently spilled the beans on several projects they have in the works, including the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame-inducted outfit’s follow-up to 2020’s “Ghosts” releases. In a cover feature for GQ, the pair outlined the launch of their new company With Teeth.

Taking its name from the band’s 2005 album, that venture will serve as an umbrella for a number of avenues they intend to pursue, including film production, a music festival, a fashion brand, and a collaboration with Epic Games (publisher of the megahit battle royale video game ‘Fortnite‘, among other titles.) There’s also scoring for several films in the pipeline, including ‘Queer‘, ‘The Gorge‘, ‘Challengers‘ and ‘Cherry Pie‘.

As for their forays into film with the aforementioned company, the pair, who have already notched up Oscars, Grammys, Golden Globe and Emmy awards for their scoring work, are developing a new series with Christopher Storer (‘The Bear‘), and a film with Mike Flanagan (‘The Haunting Of Hill House‘, ‘Midnight Mass‘). Reznor and Ross are also looking at inventive new ways to create stories and an IP around Nine Inch Nails in a non-traditional way.

Initial offerings from the fashion aspect of With Teeth are expected out this summer, while plans for the music festival continue to brew. Reznor & Ross intend to perform as film composers at that event, enlisting various other people to aid them in the set. They also have a new record label set to launch this year as well.

The prospect of new music from Nine Inch Nails was also broached, with Reznor stating that the group’s heavy plate of scoring work and other ventures in recent years have, “managed to make Nine Inch Nails feel way more exciting than it had been in the past few years. I’d kind of let it atrophy a bit in my mind for a variety of reasons.”

Ross added, “I do feel excited about starting on the next record. I think we’re in a place now where we kind of have an idea.”

Reznor also weighed in on his past experiences with the Beats Music service, for which he served as the Chief Creative Officer. That service ultimately became absorbed by Apple Music, and despite all his efforts to make the streaming ecosystem a better place for artists, Reznor remains a bit disillusioned by the current model. He commented:

“I think the terrible payout of streaming services has mortally wounded a whole tier of artists that make being an artist unsustainable. And it’s great if you’re Drake, and it’s not great if you’re Grizzly Bear. And the reality is: Take a look around. We’ve had enough time for the whole ‘All the boats rise’ argument to see they don’t all rise. Those boats rise. These boats don’t. They can’t make money in any means. And I think that’s bad for art.

And I thought maybe at Apple there could be influence to pay in a more fair or significant way, because a lot of these services are just a rounding error compared to what comes in elsewhere, unlike Spotify where their whole business is that. But that’s tied to a lot of other political things and label issues, and everyone’s trying to hold onto their little piece of the pie and it is what it is. I also realize, I think that people just want to turn the faucet on and have music come in. They’re not really concerned about all the romantic shit I thought mattered.”

As for the overall inspiration for taking on With Teeth, Reznor summed it up as follows:

“Let’s try some stuff. We’re bored. We are. You know what I mean? We’re grateful. We enjoy doing films. We can write a better Nine Inch Nails record, I think. We can put on a cooler tour. We are aimed to do that. But man, what if we try to do that?”

What if we could take what we’re good at, like we did with film? We identified something I think we’re good at and we figured out how to apply it to something else. What if we take that theory and try it on some other things? And that’s led us into: We’re not beaten down completely yet. And it feels exciting. That’s what matters to us right now.”

You can find a whole lot more from the pair over at GQ. You can also watch the pair breakdown key tracks from their catalog below:

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