Ameonna (Chelsea Grin) Pay Tribute To Late Volumes Guitarist Diego Farias & More With New Song “Last Respects”


Ameonna, a trio featuring current Chelsea Grin‘s drummer Pablo Viveros, as well as the aforementioned deathcore band’s former vocalist Alex Koehler and guitarist/bassist Jake Harmond, have newly premiered their track “Last Respects“.

Koehler had the following to say about the track to Wall Of Sound, which pays tribute to late Volumes guitarist Diego Farias and musician Garrett Garfield:

“We came up with the idea for the lyrical content while we were brainstorming in the studio. Both Diego (Farias) and Garrett (Garfield) were very good friends of ours and we lost them both roughly around the same time. Both were musicians with such incredible talent, they were the type of guys who you could hand a tin can and a spoon to and they’d find a way to make something musical with it.

Not to mention they were both the kind of people who would give you the shirt off their back if you needed it. They were some of the sweetest and most kindhearted people you’d ever meet. So when the idea came up about honoring them in a song, you could imagine it was a pretty easy thing to get behind.

A lot of the songs we’ve done are based in real life struggle. As far as ‘Last Respects’ goes, everyone has lost someone that is dear to them at some point in their life. Everyone understands how painful loss can be.

When you hear this song, you’re going to think about that person you lost, and it’ll probably stir up a little emotion from within. It makes the song a little bit more powerful in a sense. Those memories we shared will always be with us and I think it’s important to be reminded of them every now and then. Those who we lost will always be here in our hearts and it’s up to us to honor them by living our lives to the absolute fullest every single day.”

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