dredg Hoping To Finish Writing New Album This Year


dredg‘s long-awaited follow-up to 2011’s “Chuckles and Mr. Squeezy” continues to gestate. Writing for that effort has been taking place for several years now and will hopefully conclude this year. A post shared from the progressive alternative rock band yesterday, January 30th, found the outfit looking for a new rehearsal space, putting out a call for any info regarding one in the  Southern Bay Area of California.

According to that the post, the band are seeking to utilize that space to finish writing material for their sixth full-length outing. Back in 2022, drummer/keyboardist Dino Campanella spoke of the band’s progress with this upcoming record, offering:

“To me, this album sounds like a more mature incarnation of dredg, which comes from the obvious reason that we are older now, having stepped away from the collective craft for quite some time. This gap in time has given us a newfound appreciation for not only one another, but also for this work of art we’ve created together and have the ability to create indefinitely. Please don’t let the word ‘mature’ deter the reality that dredg continues, in my opinion, to sound as ambitious and far reaching as ever. Our tastes are clearly fine-tuned and there’s no shortage of our classic desire to be weird as fuck.”

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