Mark McGrath & Kid Rock

Two Decades After “Cocky”, Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath Confirms Kid Rock Did Indeed “Get More Ass Than Mark McGrath”


Back in 2001, controversial rap rocker/country star Kid Rock boasted about his sexual prowess at the expense of Sugar Ray vocalist Mark McGrath. The braggadocious title track to Rock‘s 5x multi-platinum-certified fifth studio album “Cocky” featured the following verses among its 3 minute and 57 seconds runtime:

“Got more money than Matchbox Twenty
Get more ass than Mark McGrath

Mark McGrath is of course no stranger to success himself, having started out with Sugar Ray in the nü-metal scene, before eventually shifting to an alternative rock sound. It was that era of the band that landed Sugar Ray numerous multi-platinum certifications in their own right. He was later able to bank his success into being a co-host on the celebrity gossip show ‘Extra‘ and more.

Prompted recently as to whether or not Rock‘s claims were indeed genuine, Rock Feed and Finn McKenty (aka The Punk Rock MBA) asked McGrath himself to weigh in on the matter via social media. And roughly two hours later, McGrath confirmed today, January 29th, that Rock did indeed rack up a higher body count than him.

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