(hed)p.e. Incident

Police Involved After A Man Allegedly Ran Onto (hed)p.e.’s Bus & Attempted To Punch Their Touring Crew


G-punk outfit (hed)p.e. found themselves the victim of an apparently unprompted physical assault this week. The band shared the tale and footage of the following incident that recently played out in a Walmart parking lot amid their ongoing West Coast tour.

“Fuck around with HEDPE and find out…. Hed pe security aint no joke haha.
We noticed that some guys were casing our rig and trailer at a Walmart. They were walking along the bus, taking too long to pass, and then doing repeated laps. A few minutes later one dude runs into the bus and swings on our crew guy.

Thankfully our TM and crew man @crazy_ed is a combat vet and part superhero so he took him down and subdued him until the police arrived. Ed is the same guy who pulled a man out of a highway wreckage in a snowstorm after our Great Falls show 💪. This tour has been a trip so far! Welcome to Cali haha! Chico is up tonight!”

01/23 Chico, CA – Tackle Box
01/24 Sacramento, CA – Goldfield Trading Post
01/26 Bakersfield, CA – Temblor Brew
01/27 Las Vegas, NV – Vamp’d
01/28 San Diego, CA – The Holding Company
01/30 Anaheim, CA – The Parish
01/31 West Hollywood, CA – Whisky A Go Go
02/01 Hermosa Beach, VA – Sainte Rock

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