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Ministry To Perform “With Sympathy” & “Twitch” Set At 2024 ‘Cruel World’ Festival


If you’re unfamiliar with the history of Ministry, you can rest assured that the band’s earliest output remained a thorn in the side of their leader Al Jourgensen for decades. Known now as a platinum-certified pioneering industrial metal band, Ministry‘s debut album, 1983’s “With Sympathy“, was a new wave/synth-pop endeavor that has remained an oddity amidst the bulk of the band’s catalog.

Jourgensen himself has described the experience of creating that record as traumatic for him in the past, due to outside forces calling all the shots. Back in 2017 Jourgensen told the Quietus of it:

“I won’t even say the title. Because I did not write that fucking record. I had nothing to do with that record except my face is on it and my voice is on it. They wrote the lyrics, made me cut my fucking hair, bought me a wardrobe, assigned me management. I was literally a product of the old-school star-making machine.

“It was revolting, disgusting and it traumatised me for years. Actually I think without that record I wouldn’t be as much of a fucking maniac douchebag as I am today. I completely rebelled against it. I was sick to my stomach on a daily basis. I threw up more on that record – times ten – than any other. It was absolutely an abortion period of my life. I fucking hated myself, the world, and everything around me because of that record.”

At one point a fan paid Jourgensen $1,000 to sign a copy of the album. Jourgensen eventually began to assert control over his career and his aural output with Ministry‘s 1986 sophomore album “Twitch“, before going on to establish the Ministry that brought the group to commercial prominence.

Decades later, Jourgensen‘s stance on those albums has finally softened in recent years. In fact, it’s now been announced that Ministry will be performing tracks from those aforementioned two records live at next year’s ‘Cruel World‘ festival.

That event will take place at Brookside at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA on May 11th and also feature the likes of Duran Duran, Interpol, Blondie, Simple Minds, Placebo and more.

See below for the full lineup and details. Ministry‘s sixteenth studio album “Hopiumforthemasses” is on track for a March 01st release.

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