Limp Bizkit's Wes Borland

Limp Bizkit Guitarist Wes Borland’s New Mask Originally Featured Actual Buffalo Teeth


Limp Bizkit guitarist Wes Borland has shared a behind the scenes look at his recently debuted new stage getup. In addition to a custom decorated suit (which has since evolved,) that new look is capped off by an elaborate new mask. According the to nü-metal veteran, the original incarnation of that mask featured actual buffalo teeth, but the restrictions of international touring presented some challenges with that, causing a rework.

He commented:

“This was the development process for the new stage look. From first sketch to sculpting and molding/casting/painting/grinding etc. @aliejoboxblock really helped me out on this one with pivoting to solve problems and come up with new solutions/ be a sounding board. I had the buffalo teeth to make the entire lower portion of the helmet but Japan and New Zealand have laws on importing animal products, so I cast 250 buffalo teeth out of resin which ended up being a plus because the material is lighter.

The last photo is me repainting a new jacket today in Auckland because the fabric markers I used bled with sweat and were a complete fail. I don’t usually show the process this much but there have been questions about this one in particular so here ya go. Also shout out to @adelemildred for throwing me some advice from across the pond. Cheers!”

A gallery of the mask and outfit being developed across several stages can be seen below. Borland recently showed off the mask for the first time during a string of Japanese shows from the multi-platinum outfit.

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