Holy Wars

Holy Wars Release “Cult Classic” Music Video


Holy Wars released a music video for the title track to their newly issued EP, “Cult Classic” tonight. Vocalist Kat Leon said of this latest single from the outing:

“‘Cult Classic‘ is an uptempo ripper with visual lyrics revealing a horror lying underneath our society. Where the need for fame, influence, and the ‘American Dream’ changes us in ways with moral shapeshifting and greed is insatiable.

In the lyric ‘Suited up cannibals… we came to feed,’ this highlights the dog-eat-dog survivalism of capitalism and the justifications we tell ourselves in order to sleep at night. Sonically we really enjoyed taking turns with this track with a drum and bass intro straight into a heavy riff.

This one raises the heart rate with twists and turns and doesn’t let go until the last second.”

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