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See You Next Tuesday Announce “Distractions” Remix Album, Debut Two Tracks


Experimental grinders See You Next Tuesday have announced a February 16th release date for their new remix album, “Relapses“. The inspiration to rework that effort came from Fear Factory‘s 1997 “Demanufacture” remix album, “Remanufacture“.

A number of collaborators were brought onboard to assist the band in realizing this vision, which reimagines the tracks found on See You Next Tuesday‘s comeback album, this past February’s “Distractions“. A pair of singles from the project have just emerged online and can be experienced via the below joint music video.

Repeating Patterns” was based on “Glad To Be Unhappy” and features the talents of Bodysnatcher vocalist Kyle Medina. “The Sweetest Pot” meanwhile revamps “Call Me Irresponsible” and features The Sawtooth Grin singer Rich Lombardi.

Medina stated:

See You Next Tuesday is such a monumental band for me, I remember listening to this band in high school thinking it was the peak of chaotic evil music, just a sonic assault of maniac music. And now they are back, Drew had asked me about doing a song/spot and I honestly couldn’t believe it. Had a massive amount of fun recording this and it was an absolute honor.”

Lombardi added:

“When an opportunity to collaborate makes this much sense, conceptually, artistically, and creatively, you simply must set aside your detest for guest features and scream for 37 seconds. That’s what I always say, anyway.”

Relapses” track listing:

01 – “Things Aren’t Going Well
02 – “The Face No One Sees” (Child of Night edit)
03 – “Realizing Irrelevancy” (Mikau edit)
04 – “The Devil And Me” (Thotcrime edit)
05 – “Repeating Patterns” (feat. Kyle Medina of Bodysnatcher)
06 – “The Piece” (DEATHTRIPPA edit)
07 – “The Discussion” (ZOMBIESHARK! edit)
08 – “Desired Departure” (John Cxnnor edit)
09 – “The Sweetest Pot” (feat. Rich Lombardi of The Sawtooth Grin)
10 – “Living And Dying In Regret” (God is War edit)
11 – “The Other Side” (Black Magnet edit)
12 – “The Demon And Me” (Wreckless Life edit)
13 – “Love
14 – “The Gold Room” (collaboration with Frontierer)

Pre-orders are available through

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