System Of A Down's John DolmayanGreg Watermann

System Of A Down’s John Dolmayan Says His Political Opinions Cost Him “Hundreds Of Thousands Of Fans”


The generally right-leaning political opinions of System Of A Down drummer John Dolmayan came as a shock to some of the band’s fanbase, in particular amid the pandemic when he became more vocal in sharing them online. Dolmayan‘s controversial views on racism in the United States, his support for Donald Trump, his questioning of the validity of the pandemic, and more, certainly contrasted with the views often shared by that of the band’s outspoken frontman, Serj Tankian.

Despite that gaping political divide though, the aforementioned bandmates and brothers-in-law, have found a way to coexist, with System Of A Down still able to function in their current limited live capacity. Regardless of how you feel about Dolmayan‘s opinions, he hasn’t waivered in voicing them, which as he recently admitted, has come with a cost.

Speaking via social media earlier this week, the musician/artist/enterpeneur stated:

“I lost people that I thought were friends over the last few years primarily due to my unwillingness to accept the narratives they are now questioning the validity of. Not to mention hundreds of thousands of fans who couldn’t handle my opinions here on instagram. When you endeavor to help those in peril, or guide those that are being duped ,sometimes you lose because of it . You do it anyway”

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