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311’s P-Nut Talks Deftones’ 2021 Lineup Switch: “They Did Sergio Wrong”


The messy split between Deftones and their bassist/vocalist Sergio Vega remains a controversial topic for longtime fans of the alternative metal favorites. As Vega himself explained it back in 2022, Vega had sought to further his role in the band, seeking to become a full-fledged member of the group’s partnership rather than essentially remaining a hired musician.

While there would be obvious financial benefits to being a member of the partnership, Vega claimed it wasn’t about the money. Rather, he felt that his decade-plus of service with the group should have entitled him to become viewed a proper member of the group. According to Vega, such a move would not have only evened the playing field creatively, but also allowed him to feel like he truly belonged in the band.

The rest of the group however felt otherwise and thus Vega exited the band, with touring bassist Fred Sablan having taken his place in the outfit. In a recent interview with the ‘Nu Pod‘ podcast, 311 bassist Aaron “P-Nut” Wills commented on the matter. 311 were present for the boom of the nü-metal scene and played early shows with Deftones, Korn and more.

Speaking on that, P-Nut offered:

“I mean we played with Deftones & Korn—[the] first iteration of all the bands. Honestly… I remember distinctly, I had already been enjoying the Deftones, however I ran into them, loved them. And I hadn’t seen or heard of Korn before. And when I saw them come off stage upset—Jonathan was visibly upset, like crying. And it was like ‘make a hole.’

And it was like, ‘wow, this is real.’ This is not just ‘we’re gonna come out and have fun.’ It was like ‘we got something to say’ and it’s heavy. It’s gonna hurt a little bit. And I was like OK, let’s see what these guys do next.

And yeah, Deftones, like one of my favorite bands ever. Rest in peace Chi [Cheng, late Deftones bassist/vocalist.] Forever doing good music. Um, they did Sergio wrong. I’ll go on on record saying that was fucked up. You got to make a legend like that a band member. But I don’t know the inner politics at the same time. It just seemed super fucked up on the outside, but you know, much success to them.”

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