Extol Debut Two New Singles “Labyrinth Of Ill” and “Exigency”


Extol‘s first new music in a decade has now made its way online. The Norwegian death metal group, who who have been rejoined by guitarist Christer Espevoll, have just issued a pair of singles: “Labyrinth of Ill” and “Exigency“. Drummer/vocalist David Husvik commented:

“‘Labyrinth Of Ill‘ has definitely renewed my faith in Extol and our ability to play rock music once again. Who doesn’t wanna go to church when they hear the ‘Patience’ passages play ping pong with Ole‘s guitar solo? Brutal, but at the same time disturbingly cozy.”

Guitarist/vocalist Ole Børud added:

“The new songs have that perfect blend of hooks, quirks and melody, coupled with the distinct flavour of a line up featuring David, Peter, Christer and yours truly. And top that off with an excellent mix from Jens Bogren. I’m very happy!”

Returning vocalist Peter Espevoll stated:

“I can’t believe it’s been a decade since we released the latest Extol album. I’m really stoked about the fact that Christer is on board again! It kind of feels like the good old days!”

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