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Cane Hill’s Elijah Witt Looks To Have Got The Last Laugh In Feud With Trapt


Back in the early days of the pandemic, Trapt frontman Chris Brown made numerous headlines, warring with just about everyone he could on his Twitter. Those public feuds extended to many fellow musicians, with a cavalcade of artists dunking on Brown and his band in the process.

Among those to verbally spar with Brown was Cane Hill vocalist Elijah Witt, who back in early 2020, had the following to say about the multi-platinum outfit and Brown‘s divisive behavior:

“kudos to the whole core scene for ripping @TRAPTOFFICIAL a new one. Who knew their racism, homophobia, and bigotry, would unite such a divided scene.”

Brown replied:

“Stfu you complete beta d bags!! Nothing you have done compares to anything I have done.”

Witt fired back:

“Man if you would’ve told 12 year old me that the official trapt would call me a “beta d bag”

“headstrong to suck trumps dong” or whoever that @TRAPTOFFICIAL song goes”

Brown‘s antics and controversial opinions on pedophilia ultimately saw him and his band removed from Twitter in late 2020 for violating the standards of the social network at the time. Without a prominent platform to engage his detractors with, Trapt and Brown haven’t generated much in the way of headlines since.

However, Witt recently found himself taking in a sparsely attended show from Trapt, using the opportunity to add some extra sting to the years-old feud. The below video footage and commentary was shared of that by Witt‘s Cane Hill bandmate, guitarist Elijah James Barnett:

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