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Nothing More Share “Spirits” Live Video


Alternative rock outfit Nothing More have launched a live video of the title track to their latest album “Spirits“. The footage for the clip was captured amid an April 09th, 2023 show the band played at Irving Plaza in New York City. This video is the first sign of activity from the gold-certified band since becoming the center of controversy last month.

This summer saw word of a disturbing domestic incident involving the band’s frontman Jonny Hawkins and his significant other at the time make headlines. That incident took place in late 2021 and involved a physical altercation between Hawkins and his then girlfriend Kristin Gordon.

According to a police report, Gordon was forcibly ejected from a truck by Hawkins and her run over by said vehicle, which Hawkins was driving at the time.

The courts were involved with Hawkins serving 12 months probation and 40 hours of community service, along with paying court fees and fines. A pair of statements issued this July saw Hawkins and the band publicly address the incident, with Hawkins stating of the incident:

“One night in December 2021, after a series of bad choices by both of us, fueled in part by alcohol, she began to hit me with a full can of beer in the face and eyes while I was driving.

Unfortunately, this was not the first time I had to protect myself from her assaults. As she escalated the situation, I stopped the truck and forced her to get out. While driving away, I unknowingly ran over her with the back wheel.

I had no reason to think she was under my truck, and I left without realizing that she had been injured.”

The group withdrew from their planned summer tour with Staind and Godsmack in light of the incident being made public after Gordon began sharing allegations against Hawkins on social media. Hawkins disputed elements of those allegations in his statement.

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