Nothing More's Jonny Hawkins

Nothing More Issue Statement Regarding Disturbing Domestic Incident Involving Their Frontman Jonny Hawkins And His Significant Other


The subreddit for gold-certified alternative outfit Nothing More was rocked this week by the disturbing reveal of what appear to be genuine documents of a violent domestic incident filed against the band’s vocalist Jonny Hawkins. According to the police report, which was shared via this subreddit, the incident took place in Louisiana late 2021.

Per the police report, Hawkins‘ significant other at the time, Kristin Gordon (who has since publicly come forward against Hawkins), was seen on surveillance footage being forcibly ejected from Hawkins‘ parked truck along with her belongings. She was ran over by the rear passenger wheel of the truck shortly after.

The investigating officer said in the police report that was since shared online:

“I was able to observe the surveillance video received from muro, the footage is dark and somewhat clear, but clear enough to observe the incident. On the video I observed a white truck stopping abruptly in front of 636 melody drive. Shortly thereafter the passenger door opens and some items are thrown out, a few seconds pass then Gordon violently falls from the vehicle, landing flat on the ground.

The passenger door is then closed from the inside. Gordon attempts to sit up and and appears to reach under the truck, at which time the truck quickly accelerates, running over Gordon with the passenger side rear wheel. The trucks rear end can be seen raising up off the ground as it drives over Gordon. Gordon lies in the street, occasionally moving around until deputies arrive on scene. Let, it be noted that the truck didn’t return to the scene.”

Per the report, Gordon was hospitalized, sustaining a “collapsed lung, broken spinal bones and severe road rash.” Gordon herself recently went on to post pictures of her injuries alongside allegations regarding the incident via Instagram.

While the posts were briefly made unavailable afterwards, they have returned via her private Instagram account and have been screenshotted at this Reddit post. Gordon has since allegedly made several other posts implying that alcohol was involved and that she was hit by Hawkins prior to being ejected from the vehicle.

According to this case report, Hawkins was initially charged with ‘hit & run driving causing death or serious injury’ and a charge of ‘vehicular negligent injuring’. He was released on a $10,000 bond on March 11th of 2022.

The case eventually made its way through the court, and while Hawkins initially entered a plea of not guilty to the charge of ‘vehicular negligent driving, he later withdrew it and changed his plea to guilty. It appears that the hit & run causing death or serious injury charge was dropped.

The last entry in the screenshots of the case file that has surfaced online are dated June 19th of this year. They find a civil money judgment having been issued and paid. Further court records state that Hawkins was sentenced to 12 months probation and in addition to paying court fees and a fine, was also ordered to complete 40 hours of community service.

Responding to the situation having been made public, Nothing More issued the below statement on their social media today, July 12th:

“One terrible night does not define a person’s entire life.

Jonny has taken responsibility for his actions in his personal life, and he has been held accountable in the eyes of the law.

We know Jonny better than anyone, and he is not a violent person. We’ve never witnessed or seen evidence of violence from him in any of his relationships. However, we all have witnessed physical abuse towards Jonny over the course of his most recent relationship.

We have been by his side for the past year and a half, and we support the efforts he has taken to make things right.

Mark, Daniel and Ben

They continued:

“Out of respect for Godsmack and Staind we have decided to remove ourselves from the tour that starts next week as well as our shows in Albany and Cleveland while we deal with matters that are very personal and private to the band. We look forward to seeing you on the road in September.”

Hawkins himself said in a separate statement issued today:

“These are pictures of me with a woman with whom I’ve had a loving, but also highly volatile, relationship for over six years. The first picture is from March of this year. The second picture is from an event in January. We have spent time together off and on over the last few years, including as recently as this past 4th of July weekend. I loved her very much, but sometimes love is not enough to keep two people together.

Our relationship was not perfect. I was not perfect, and neither was she. My friends and family described the relationship as toxic, and, last week, I decided that it needed to end. The only reason that I am sharing any of this private information with you is because my ex has decided to vilify me publicly by presenting photos of a terrible accident that happened more than a year and a half ago without telling you the whole story. This is a hard truth to share, but I’ve taken responsibility for my part.

One night in December 2021, after a series of bad choices by both of us, fueled in part by alcohol, she began to hit me with a full can of beer in the face and eyes while I was driving. Unfortunately, this was not the first time I had to protect myself from her assaults. As she escalated the situation, I stopped the truck and forced her to get out. While driving away, I unknowingly ran over her with the back wheel. I had no reason to think she was under my truck, and I left without realizing that she had been injured.

While her injuries from the accident were significant, they were made exponentially worse by an infection caused by the IV at the hospital. For example, the gruesome images of her arm that she published where you can see what looks like bone was the result of an emergency surgery to get rid of her staph infection. I know all of this, because as soon as I learned she was injured, I went to the hospital that night. I was right there beside her for several weeks while she recovered in the hospital and then after she was discharged, I helped her recuperate at home.

Despite the fact that she told law enforcement, friends and family that she didn’t want to press charges, and that this was all an accident, I turned myself into the authorities in March 2022 as required by a state law.

I pled guilty to a misdemeanor for negligent vehicular injury and, after serving three days in jail for that misdemeanor, I was sentenced to probation. Since then, I have continued to perform the community service required by the court.

State law also required a restraining order to be put in place. But, as you can see in the court document posted above, she made it clear that she believed this matter was an accident, that our relationship was “stronger since the incident,” and asked for it to be removed (which it was).

For the past year and a half, we have made several attempts to restore our relationship and rediscover the good things that brought us together years ago. We’ve had some successes but also many failures, and it was clear to me that we just cannot be together. Within hours of me taking the final items I had at the home we shared, she posted photos of her time in the hospital in a deliberately misleading way.

I take full responsibility for my actions that night in 2021 and, since then, I have fully complied with the authorities. I don’t believe that night is indicative of who I am or the man I have tried to be since. But, given that a skewed and weaponized version of events is now being put out to the world, I felt it was important to share these additional facts.”

You can see the pictures Hawkins posted alongside his statement via his Instagram.

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