Taproot's Stephen Richards With GUIDES

Decades After The Fred Durst Feud, Taproot’s Stephen Richards Covers Limp Bizkit Live


The soured relationship between returning nü-metal/alternative metal outfit Taproot and then nü-metal superstars Limp Bizkit was the stuff of internet legend in the nascent days of nü-metal. Initially courted by Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst to sign with the Flip/Interscope family, Taproot wound up choosing a different path, aligning themselves with Atlantic Records under an imprint by their management at the time,Velvet Hammer.

The decision to sign with another label incensed Durst, who had already begun hyping up the band and making plans for them. His anger over the situation led him to leaving an infamous message on the answering machine of Taproot vocalist Stephen Richards, which eventually leaked to the internet. In that message (revisit it below), Durst can be heard berating Richards for the band’s decision to not sign with him.

Taproot drummer Jared Montague previously addressed the matter back in 2017 on an episode of the ‘Talk Toomey‘ podcast, stating of the situation at the time:

“I never got a straight answer out of this, we didn’t put it on any of the records because we didn’t want to date the record. And we’re pretty sure that our manager have leaked it—at least online.”

“I think we always kind of viewed it as both a positive and a negative. I mean it would have been best if we didn’t have tick him off, but… to some degree no press is bad press they say. It definitely got people’s attention and a lot of people… Once the masses started turning on Fred for whatever reason, that almost kind of… There were definitely some radio stations that were saying ‘Hey we don’t like Limp Bizkit anymore, so we’re gonna play Taproot in place of where we used to play Limp Bizkit.’ So in that regard it worked out for us.”

Now comes word that Richards revisited the feud indirectly during Taproot‘s reunion show this past Friday, August 04th. Prior to playing the first headlining club show with his band since 2017, Richards took to the stage with openers GUIDES to sit in on a cover of Limp Bizkit‘s 1997 track “Stuck“.

That performance took place at the Crafthouse Stage and Grille in Pittsburgh, PA and can be viewed below. It came to pass after GUIDES guitarist Darin Dinapoli released a series of skits impersonating Durst online ahead of the show. Dinapoli also took to the stage wearing his ‘Fraud Durst‘ attire, making some cameos during Taproot‘s set.

Taproot themselves have numerous live shows booked around the September 29th release of their seventh studio album, “SC\SSRS“.

08/18 Glen Flora, WI – Northwoods Rock Rally
09/07-10 Alton, VA – Blue Ridge Rock Festival
09/29 Flint, MI – The Machine Shop (feat. Heartsick)
09/30 Flint, MI – The Machine Shop (feat. Eva Under Fire)
10/01 Flint, MI – The Machine Shop (feat. Eva Under Fire & Heartsick)
10/06 Belvidere, IL – The Apollo Theatre (feat. Smile Empty Soul, Heartsick & Finding Ghosts)
10/07 Joliet, IL – The Forge (feat. Smile Empty Soul & Heartsick)
10/13 Green Bay, WI – EPIC Event Center (feat. September Mourning & Heartsick)
10/14 Harrison, OH – The Blue Note (feat. September Mourning, Lift The Medium & Xero Hour)
10/20 Columbus, OH – King Of Clubs (feat. September Mourning, Xfactor1 & Artifax)
10/21 Lakewood, OH – The Winchester Music Tavern (feat. September Mourning & Brothers At Arms)
11/03 Hampton Beach, NH – Wally’s (feat. Eva Under Fire)
11/04 New York City, NY – Gramercy Theatre (feat. Eva Under Fire)
11/17 Grand Rapids, MI – Elevation (feat. Eva Under Fire & Heartsick)
11/18 Angola, IN – The Eclectic Room (feat. Eva Under Fire)

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