Year Of The Knife

Family Share Health Update On Year Of The Knife’s Madi Watkins


Fans of Year Of The Knife were able to breathe a brief sigh of relief this past weekend, when it was revealed that the band’s vocalist Madi Watkins was downgraded from critical to stable condition. However, per a new update, it unfortunately seems like she still has a long road ahead of her recovery wise.

A car accident last week saw the group’s van collide with the back of a semi-trailer truck after they played a show in Salt Lake City, UT. While the hardcore outfit’s brotherly duo of guitarist Aaron and drummer Andy Kisielewski both suffered broken legs and other injuries in the crash, and guitarist/bassist Brandon Watkins was left concussed, it was Madi was left with the most severe injuries.

According to the band’s camp, Madi suffered considerable head and spinal trauma, as well as several broken bones. Yesterday, July 02nd, saw an update on her condition being shared by Brandon‘s father (and Madi‘s father-in-law), Sol.

In it, he reveals that Madi will be facing down multiple surgeries in the weeks to come and remained in a medically induced coma as of yesterday. Here’s what was said:

“Sun July 2- today was our first day out here in Utah with Brandon, sitting with Madi and talking to the doctors and nurses about her condition. Tears were shed. We are so relieved to be here, but so concerned about Madison.

I want to thank everyone for your love, prayers and donations to Brandon and Madi…and to Toni to assist her while she’s out here in Salt Lake City helping out. Your love and generosity has been overwhelming. Madi is improving, but is in serious, critical condition.

She has a very long road ahead of her with multiples of surgeries to come. If her journey to healing were to take 1000 miles…she’s only currently traveled 5 miles. She’s exhibiting positive signs, while still in a medically induced coma…but is far from out of the woods.

University of Utah trauma center is amazing. We know Madi is in good hands. We also know that she and Brandon have the most amazing friends and family on the planet! We love you all so much.”

With a lengthy recovery process ahead of them, not too mention their van being wrecked in the crash, the members of the group will understandably be requiring as much aid as they can get. As such, their crowdfunding goal has now been raised to $200,000 USD, with donations being accepted via this GoFundMe.

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