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Ministry To Re-Record “With Sympathy” Tracks As Al Jourgensen Plans For The End Of The Band


Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen intends to re-record several tracks from his band’s once disavowed 1983 debut album “With Sympathy“. A poppy new wave venture which Jourgnsen would later spend a significant portion of his career disparaging, he now intends to re-record at least four of that album’s songs.

Speaking recently with Yahoo! Entertainment, Jourgensen offered the following of his past disdain for the record:

“My hatred for this record was so deep. As a matter of fact, the two-inch [master] tapes of it, the actual two-inch tapes, I had a barbecue party and I burned them on a barbecue. So, there’s no existing original With Sympathy’s. I just burned them.”

Current plans have Jourgensen revisiting the songs “Revenge“, with “Effigy“, “Work For Love” and “Here We Go” also potentially on the table. He commented of that:

“We’re doing ‘Revenge’… this version that we have, it’s going to be different. Let’s turn it from this synthpop thing into a metal arena-rock song… and then we’ll take it from there and see where it goes.”

“If we can make it sound the way I want it, when I originally came up with these songs, then yes, I will do it. If not, I won’t. … So, we’re working our way towards putting a bow on the whole thing and calling it a career. And then everyone can leave me the fuck alone so I can do what the fuck I want.”

Much of Jourgensen‘s issues surrounding that album were his lack of input and creative control at the time, with his label and management having essentially garnered the final approval on nearly every aspect of the project, from the songs and videos, to his own personal image. As Jourgensen reveals in the aforementioned interview, an updated version of “Revenge” which his current band worked on in secret was what really got the ball rolling on the project.

Elsewhere in the chat, Jourgensen stated that he is once again planning to wind down Ministry. He said of that:

“I view it as almost like karmic, where my career is winding down with Ministry. I’m going stop Ministry in an album or two. I have other things I want to do and I’m really kind of now shackling myself [to the band], instead of Arista Records shackling me. … So, I figure there’s only maybe one more Ministry album to go.

Maybe two, but probably one; the second one might actually be a remake of With Sympathy, to tie a bow on the whole thing. I think this next year or two is going be really transformative, in the sense that I’m wrapping a bow on my entire career and saying, ‘Drop mic. Thank you. Thank you for buying our T-shirts.’ … It’s gonna be an interesting next couple of years.”

Earlier this year Ministry took to debuting a new song titled “Goddamn White Trash” live with footage available here. During the band’s spring tour, Jourgensen also announced an August 04th release date for the band’s next studio album, “Hopium For The Masses“.

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