Metallica's Lars Ulrich

Metallica’s Lars Ulrich Admits To Reading The Comment Sections: “You Have To Prepare Yourself For Not Taking Any Of It Overly Personally”


Out of all four of the current members of Metallica, it is often drummer Lars Ulrich who gets the most heat in the comment sections. The topics of his musical ability are often fiercely debated. To be fair though, his past role leading the charge against Napster and his choice of snare sounds on the band’s 2003 album “St. Anger” did him no favors in the trolling department.

Speaking recently with Metal Hammer, Ulrich revealed that he does in fact delve into the comment sections. He elaborated on doing just that around the release of the thrash legends’ single “Lux Æterna” this past November:

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“If you decide to go down into the comment sections, at least for me, you have to prepare yourself for not taking any of it overly personally. You have to kind of remove yourself from it. But I’d like to challenge anybody in a band to say they don’t look at comments.

I mean, I’m not sitting up until four o’clock in the morning scrolling through every one. But when you haven’t put any music out in five or six years and you dump something like Lux Æterna on an unsuspecting world, you’re going to want to see what the feedback is.”

Metallica‘s eleventh studio album “72 Seasons” is presently headed for an April 14th release date. In the below series of videos, you can watch the group’s vocalist/guitarist James Hetfield open the various formats of the record ahead of time.

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